Here’s the scoop. First from Stephanie Gailing from her Planet
“Retrograde periods are times for reflection and heightened inner awareness. Since Mercury symbolizes communication…this period can yield great insights in related areas of your life. Mercury retrograde lasts about three weeks and occurs three to four times per year…”
“Mercury represents the bridges and channels that allow us to connect varied pieces of information in order to synthesize them into the whole of understanding. During Mercury retrograde periods, the inherent weaknesses of these conduits may be revealed.”
“As such, this period is known for the breakdown of tools that help us to share information (such as phones, computers, and printers) and well as those that assist us as we move from place to place (such as cars, bikes, and buses); therefore, do what you can to make sure they are in good working order. With data and information transfer stressed, it’s a great time to ensure you’re backing up your hard drive…”
“Any planetary retrograde reflects a period where the energy is focused more internally. Therefore, it’s a wonderful time to turn communication inward to seek insights and understanding.”
“Meditation, journaling, and nondominant handwriting are great activities to do during Mercury retrograde to help you find the pieces of the puzzle and the teachings of wisdom that you seek.”
“While inner reflection is heightened, external communication may be stressed. Therefore, try to avoid misunderstandings by being extra diligent about the words you use, while also making sure to listen even more attentively than usual.”
“Whether it be with writing or speaking, put a little extra effort into dotting your I’s and crossing your T’s. Be especially aware of this if you have to sign any binding contract during Mercury retrograde (putting off doing so if possible), as oftentimes all of the information you need to make a decision isn’t available or especially clear…”
“As such, Mercury retrograde periods are a great time to reassess, review, reanalyze, revisit, rethink, re-edit, and recommunicate….”
Copyright © 2012 Stephanie Gailing
From astrologer Molly Hall:
Mercury in Leo (retrograde) remind us what we truly love. This respite cycles you back to your own unique story. It’s time to journal, and reflect on your ambitions, how you shine, and what you long to create.”
“Some serendipity happens that puts you in the spotlight. You reconfirm your talent for leading and encouraging others. You help someone see their own uniqueness. Children, or another kind of pride and joy — like your artistic creation — becomes a preoccupation. This could be time to revive a creative idea, give yourself a pep talk, and make plans to bring it to fruition.”
Copyright © 2012 Molly Hall
From the wonderful Robert Wilkinson and his Aquarius Papers:
“I know there are many unfortunate things attributed to Mercury retrograde, but there are also many productive things that get done, connections that are made, and different angles of view glimpsed that make our understanding more complete and well rounded…”
“The coming retrograde will be an extremely important one showing us how to retire from old dramas and contemplate how our live journey has brought us to a measure of peace and security. It’s a time to look back and distill wisdom from our past experiences while navigating the Grand Irrationality set into motion each time Mercury moves through 1-6 Leo…”
“This retrograde will help us integrate recent decisions and consolidate our plans and purposes. The light will come through the objectivity we acquire through comparing notes with others, and seeing things to come by what is indicated during this time. While it may not be easy initially due to Sun square Saturn, the stationary retrograde chart shows Moon conjunct Jupiter offering us opportunities in the midst of the difficulties and meltdowns….”
“This retrograde is a threshold time, where we again look back before moving forward. We can get all kinds of new insights into future potentials, while seeing things in the recent past differently.”
“This period will be highly energized due to the T-square fed by Mars trine Jupiter and Jupiter sextile Uranus. This will generate a tremendous amount of favorable energy into the house where we have early Sagittarius..”
“I suppose the best thing about this coming retrograde is that it will bring us all to turning corners to accept greater creative challenges and/or new responsibilities, with concentrated doses of spiritual energies shaping many minds and many rewards promised for our ‘courage and bravery in action.’
“As we learn to concentrate to see whole pictures, we will not only glimpse the indestructible elements of our nature but will also be able to settle into new roles we can play easily and enjoyably, and find new heart strengths that will be the technique we can use in the future to do reconstructive and/or repair work.”
“These should bring alternative views or unique insights about how past and present can interact differently to move us into altered futures, especially since Mercury trines Uranus during this entire period. That gives the possibility of brilliant insights due to synthesizing many different reflections. Expect flashes of memory and/or insights related to new developments that have occurred the past 2 years since Uranus first entered Aries.”
“For all of us, during the next several weeks the future that’s already rolling forward will slow a little so we can get a new look at crucial elements of the process we cannot afford to ignore. We will all have opportunities to grow and learn through balanced actions and views, finding a new rhythm or ideal of movement into a synthesized picture of what’s to come…”
“I believe this will be an important retrograde, where a lot falls into place. It will help us rehearse or do the research we need to get ready to spring forward in early August, freed from even more old ghosts so we can play roles we were born to play with joy and happiness. New ideas, new perspectives, new ways of acting, new ways of being are all promised by this retrograde.”
Copyright © 2012 Robert Wilkinson
Lastly from the always wise and insighful Dipali Desai and her Celestial Space Astrology Blog:
“If we look at the symbolism around a retrograde planet ‘the illusion of it slowing down or going backwards’ it tells us a lot about how overall energy flow is moving. In this case, Mercury retrograde symbolizes a time of introspection on a mental energy level which gives us three weeks of pampering our nervous system to become recharged….”
“Mercury retrograde is not to blame, nor is any other planet in Astrology. Take it as a symbolic meaning to help you understand what shift in Consciousness is happening and how it influences your life. If you give your power away and blame or dump onto a retrograde phase you will feel very helpless. Take back your power by working with the symbols in Astrology so they are empowering to you.”
“Mercury in Leo: Think like a Leader. A leader is not only charismatic, but also authentic and has compassion when governing over anyone. We are invited to ‘think like a leader’ in our daily lives. Being generous, honest, loyal and dignified, people want to listen and pay attention to what is being said. Speak our truth with love and respect. Think about what love without limits and conditions represents. And finally, to allow our own unique style to be expressed with confidence…”
From a higher perspective, each astrology cycle is full of rich potential of positivity and empowerment. It begins with your use of will to choose something loving. The Mercury retrograde phase can be highly expressive and freedom oriented and conveying what’s in our hearts, which will ultimately help us to break new ground later in August 2012….”
Under this astrological phase, it is helpful to:
  • Give the nervous system some quiet time, meditate, relax, be non-linear and creative.
  • Clear out debris, clutter, shred old papers, clear away old paper-work.
  • Organize, sort, label and store
  • leave plenty of extra time for travel, in between appointments and triple check details around work/travel/emails.
  • People from the past revisit or resurface via communication
  • Revisit old issues and unresolved situations to bring healing and resolution
  • Revise, restore, review, recheck… all the “Re” activities is great to engage in under a Mercury Retrograde phase”

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