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MARS went Retrograde on April 17th initiating a different pace. If you’ve been feeling suddenly exhausted these past few days, then you’ve been feeling the shift.
Like Mercury Retrograde (which is coming April 28th), Mars retrograde insists that we slow down rather than push ahead. It heralds a period of inward turning and reflection that will shine light on how we handle conflict. Thus it will be our great teacher as we all learn to practice and embody the extremely necessary virtues of patience and compassion.
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from our insightful group of guiding lights. First from ELAINE KALANTARIAN from her Blue Moon Astrology:
“The term ‘station retrograde’ refers to when a planetary body appears — from our vantage point on Earth — to slow down, stop and reverse direction (retrograde motion = apparent backwards movement through the zodiac wheel)…”
“However, ‘as above, so below,’ this apparent change in direction and speed does correspond to observable effects here on earth…which you may have been feeling over the past few days, or longer if you are particularly sensitive.
“With Mars, the retrograde assessment is primarily a re-evaluation of what it is we truly want in life along with an examination of how we go about fulfilling those important desires…”
“Anger, a Mars emotion, is very important to honestly face and deal with in a responsible manner. Frustrations, irritations, and hatred even can come up in trying situations.
Being honest about how we really feel and dealing with those feelings effectively is the work of a healthy Mars, not suppressing or denying how we feel…”
“So pay attention when related issues pop up over the next few months, when motivation flags and you feel like you can no longer do what you’ve been doing.
“Perhaps these are clues to aspects of life that need to go, or at the very least need a major overhaul and rethinking, a different approach.”
RALFEE FINN from her
“It’s here—the 2016 retrograde zone, when Mars, Mercury and Pluto join Saturn and Jupiter in a massive retrospective that persists in varying formations over the course of the next nearly three months…”
“These coming weeks require a strong internal center that holds you steady and true to your course—frustration and exasperation could pull you into situations you think are shortcuts but are actually a complex maze of distractions…”
“Mars is retrograde in Sagittarius, the Sign where we search for truth and seek to expand our horizons, internal as well as external…”
“As Mars retrogrades through Sagittarius, examine how you take a stand for what you believe in. It makes no difference whether it’s religion, politics, finances, or love.
“No matter what the subject, during this retrograde, warriors of every denomination or political bent will be wont to throw their might around and flex their muscles.
“As you make your way through this Martian maze of belief systems, do your best to be a peaceful warrior—there’s simply no sense in adding to the already bellicose air pollution that’s poisoning the psychic climate.
“Commit your superpowers to the good, and whenever possible over the next many weeks, transform this Mars Retrograde into vital acts of compassion.
“Just don’t confuse compassion with permission—take your stand for what’s right, but refuse to condone or participate in violence of any kind—physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.
“Saturn is also retrograde in Sagittarius, a cycle that began March 25 and ends on August 13. For the next several weeks, as both Mars and Saturn review their journey through the Sign of spiritual search, their combined presence deepens our existential journey.
Embrace this process with the willingness to explore all your ideas about the way life should be, as well as your disappointment with how it is. This is a perfect concentration to examine your ideals and how to apply those standards with renewed vigor.
“And there’s more.
“Pluto Retrograde also begins on April 17. Mars Retrograde begins in the early morning and Pluto ‘turns around’ in the late evening…”
“Pluto’s retrograde will endure for the next five months (it ends on September 26) and because Pluto is all about what lies beneath the surface of any interaction, we will be exploring our shadows, individual and collective, at an even more intense level.
“Keep in mind, Pluto symbolizes power in all its many manifestations, from finances to politics to personal opinion to media and any other instruments of mass influence.
“Also keep in mind, Pluto represents the deep psychological currents that inform belief and behavior. One of the key points of its retrograde is an examination of intention.
“Focus on exploring the roots of your motivation by determining what is or isn’t authentic for you. Notice especially what you are clinging to most, because this is where you will feel Pluto’s intensity most.”
Copyright © 2016 RALFEE FINN
From LEAH WHITEHORSE from Lua Astrology:
“Mars triggers a slow down. All that upstart energy is turned inwards. It’s like hitting the brakes right when you were speeding along and sometimes this is necessary. We all need time to pause and reflect, sometimes even more so when we’re charging ahead.
“It’s time to check in with whether you’re spending your energy wisely. Being forced to change pace means that you have a chance to check whether the actions you have taken are leading you in the direction you want to go…”
“At it simplest, Mars says ‘What do you really want?’. If your motivation has been lacking, Mars will require you to get to the heart of the matter and reclaim your fire…”
“Generally speaking, it’s wise to avoid initiating conflicts, law suits or new projects. If a new project must be launched now, it doesn’t mean that it will fail, only that it may be slower to get off the ground.
“With Mars being our inner warrior, this astrological period may also bring conflicts to a head – whether inner or outer conflicts. You may be more on the defense than the attack. This is not to be feared however.
“Both external and internal conflicts have a way of sapping our energy and dampening desires. Being pushed to find a resolution ultimately releases energy to be put to better use.
“Examining how you assert and defend yourself and how you deal with anger are also appropriate with this transit and may be brought up for reflection by outer events.
“Mars stations retrograde in Sagittarius on the Sabian symbol : A Mother Leads Her Small Child Step By Step Up A Steep Stairway
“This retrograde period therefore suggests that it’s time to step up but you’re also protected as you do so. Maybe too it’s about learning to protect yourself, to take things step by step rather than rush, to climb slowly to new heights.
“With Mars stationing in Sagittarius, collectively, we have been pushing into unknown territory, fearlessly braving wild terrains. But now we have to catch our breath, look around, check our footing. Sometimes we have to lead and other times we have to follow.
“Mars slowly does his work, making no major aspects until the 22nd May when the Sun opposes Mars. During this time, Mars turns up the heat, pushing you to confront your ego and become more self-aware when it comes to asserting yourself…”
“Mars re-enters Scorpio on the 27th May. Finding meaning and understanding (Sagittarius), hinges on facing the truth (Scorpio).
“Mars is also co-ruler of Scorpio so it’s on familiar ground here and it strongly suggests that confronting dark, inner fears may be part of the process
“Mars retrograde reinforces you by letting you know where your strengths lies.
“If you can be patient, you’re likely to find that your inspiration and energy are renewed by the time the retrograde period completes, bringing you back home to yourself.
Copyright © 2016 LEAH WHITEHORSE
From ROBERT WILKINSON from his Aquarius Papers:
“First, there are many things that move forward exactly as they should during Mars retrograde periods.
“Though there may seem to be less momentum to some things, even delays and the need to rework some things, or wait for other things to develop before picking up the original intention, there are ways to navigate these recurring periods and keep everything on track quite nicely.
“It doesn’t have to be much of a problem if we position ourselves correctly given the shift in the pace and unfolding of events.
“Also, please remember that the planets do not ’cause’ anything. Whether and how things happen or don’t during a retrograde period has everything to do with us and others’ actions and reactions to things, both past and present. The free will of human beings has far more power than a planetary retrograde!
“The Sabian Symbol for 9 Sagittarius is “A mother with her children on stairs.” In the Marc Jones class notes from ‘The Astrology of Personality,’ Rudhyar states this degree is one of  ‘conscious advance of selfhood from plane to plane,’ ‘real courage in all approach to life,’ and ‘inner guidance in all growth.’
“In his ‘Astrological Mandala,’ we are told that this degree is one of ‘the need in any social situation to assist the less evolved in their management of the problems which society requires its members to solve.’
“He goes on to state that this simple is about learning to acquire a skill that is not ‘natural,’ but necessary for life in society, and that the child learns by imitating the adults in their life.
“He says this implies that each of us who have acquired a skill must be willing to teach it to those who comes after us, and that while ‘walking is a natural human function (but) climbing stairs is a skill made necessary’ by our buildings…”
“Dr. Marc Jones says this symbol is one of ‘extreme alertness to the interests and needs of others,’ and ‘high competency’ in going for ‘ideal ends.’
“He goes on to state that we have ‘an inescapable duty… to remember that (we are our) brother’s keeper,’ and we must ‘develop and demonstrate a genuine social conscience.’
“He continues that in our ’rounding out’ of our ‘community usefulness’ and in the ‘increasing recompense’ we reap ‘fruits of service.’
“He offers us the keyword EDUCATION, and says when this degree is working positively, it’s one of ‘effective response to every personal challenge in everyday affairs.’
“Mars retrograde usually indicates there will be some things that must occur before other things can be done.
“Get clear about the priority of things, pay attention to the rhythm of unfolding events, and see much of what’s come down the past few weeks as prelude to undoing, redoing, or reworking some things in April, May, and early June before picking the pace back up in late June. All of this relates to the life areas (houses) where we have Aries, Scorpio, and Sagittarius.
“Remember that sometimes a delay is the best thing that could happen as other things develop on their own, since I’ve found life is sometimes like a Charles Dickens novel. There are many chapters, many players, and some things cannot be known and/or acted upon until the plot develops.
“But rest assured, that at the end of the play, all will be seen in proper perspective, the unknowns between the players become clear, and things have developed so that ‘the hero’s journey’ is perfectly completed.
“So during this Mars retrograde, do what you must, work and/or adapt the plan, don’t fret at the apparent delays or slowness, and fit things into a long range perspective with an eye to the radical quickening to come in late June.”
Copyright © 2016 ROBERT WILKINSON
Perspective: Opportunities for healing.
Love and Blessings~~~


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