lunareclipse-fullmoonWishing everyone a blessed *FULL MOON* and *LUNAR ECLIPSE*!
MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights are a little late as I just had a baby boy on 4.2.15! All is well and we are overjoyed! He came a few weeks early and heralded in perfect alignment with April’s energetic theme of Expect the Unexpected!
Here are a few key insights on this sacred MOON and Lunar Eclipse portal of  *4|4 * First from LEAH WHITEHORSE from her LUA Astrology:
“This is the third in a series of four total lunar eclipses – a tetrad of eclipses alternating across the signs Aries and Libra.
“These eclipses have been raising issues about independence and dependence, the difference between you and I, patterns of relating…
“Through our interactions with others we have been learning more about ourselves.”
“…This Full Moon is amplified by the eclipse and the square to Pluto. Feelings are intense. Cry, if you have to. This is about release.
“With Venus in Taurus trine to Pluto in Capricorn don’t be afraid to put your hands in the dirt. Venus in Taurus is like the farmer’s wife, clearing the weeds from the garden. Whilst her back may ache with a semi-square to Chiron, pleasure comes from clearing neglected land to make space for new growth.
“The eclipse is caused by the shadow of the Earth crossing the Moon. It’s not all pie in the sky. What you do here matters. It’s all connected…”
“We are all a part of these planetary cycles, the giant cosmic story that is being played out. Energy is recycled and  reformed….
© Copyright 2015 ~LEAH WHITEHORSE All Rights Reserved
From  SARAH VARCAS from her
“The pull of the past can be strong at a lunar eclipse and this one is certainly no exception. We may find our best intentions going up in smoke as we embrace old habits with unrestrained abandon, along with all manner of apparently sound justifications for doing so!
“But beware that inner voice which encourages a return to old ways now. It is a saboteur, to be handled with great caution. The impatience and restlessness of this time is not an excuse to take the easy way out.
“Instead it presents sound reason to stand firm and decide that this time we respond differently, forging a new and creative path ahead.
“Part of the problem is a prevailing sense of not quite knowing what’s going on or where we’re headed, coupled with a paradoxical urge to get there as soon as possible!!
“This is not a combination conducive to clarity! We have a parrot on both shoulders, one urging ‘get on with it!’, the other screaming ‘stop and wait!’.
“We may find ourselves having no clue what to do next because we don’t yet know in what direction to head, but the imperative to do something causes us to resurrect old goals and aspirations instead of waiting patiently for new ones to form.
“But patience is paramount, no matter what that voice says. Something is forming, slowly but surely, and we need to wait and see what it is before we commit to the path ahead.
“Jupiter offers supportive advice: simply listen. That is all. Sit quietly and listen. ‘
“To what?’, we inevitably ask. ‘Just listen’ comes the reply. As we do, it will become abundantly clear what we’re listening to: our inner wisdom, the Real Self rising up in our hearts, whispering its truths and changing our perspective as it looks through our eyes.
“This inner knowing, the sacred presence always alive in the silence of our hearts, has much to say at this time. It may come in words or thoughts, feelings, sensations, imagery.
“In the darkness of the eclipsed Moon we can receive all that we need to make the best choices and offer ourselves to the most conscious path ahead.
“But it takes commitment: to be still, to allow the sacred expression, to pay attention and be patient…”
“Deep wisdom is available now, in the silence of our hearts, but the prevailing imperative to ‘DO SOMETHING!’ will have its way if we let it.
“Action at times like this simply obscures the path not progresses it. It is born of frustration or confusion, an unwillingness to bear with the discomfort of simply not knowing what comes next.
“We must embrace this place of confusion for the deeper wisdom of this new cycle to arise. Only in doing so can we truly discern the path ahead.
“This lunar eclipse ushers in a five month period during which we will come face to face with deep truth in visceral and immediate ways.
“We may not know where we’re headed, but we will most certainly know how to get there if we simply wait patiently, listen carefully and act upon guidance received in the quiet of our still but awakening heart.”
© Copyright 2015 ~SARAH VARCAS All Rights Reserved
Relationships are a major theme at the Libra Eclipse. You have the Sun coupled with Uranus in Aries opposing the Moon in Libra. Both lights (the Sun and the Moon are being challenged (T squaring) Pluto in Capricorn.
“Reinventing relationships is a strong theme. Old ones released, as new relationships emerge. Watch out for emotional power struggles…”
“Own your power. Love you more than the need for a relationship. Love you more than the need to keep people in your life. Love you more than the need for approval from others.”
“…You want to practice conscious awareness in your life. Be awake in what you are choosing and doing.
“Change is the only constant. You want to be open and flexible. Being controlling and/or rigid will not bring you what you want. Make friends with change. Real growth is painful at times….
“Your task is to be who you really are. Your soul purpose is to be happy. You are here to thrive.
“Your job is to hold more light. Do what increases your light…”
© Copyright 2015 ~KELLY ROSANO All Rights Reserved
*LUNAR ECLIPSE* Blessings to all!



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