PHOTO: John L. Mone/AP “Tonya Stands recovers from being pepper sprayed by police” 

This photo comes from this NPR article here >>> The Standing Rock Resistance Is Unprecedented (It’s Also Centuries Old)

In the US as we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving, we keep hearing heartbreaking news from the peaceful protectors at Sacred Stone camp in North Dakota, who’ve come together along side the Sioux Standing Rock tribe and so many other tribes to defend their sacred land and waters.
Many of you are already aware of what is happening but there are many others who aren’t because the main stream media is not covering it. For those that have not heard, Native American elders have been gathering for months to pray and exercise their right to peacefully stand their sacred ground and protest the construction of the Dakota Pipeline. This Pipeline would carry crude oil (that has been fracked) straight through their sacred land and the burial sites of their ancestors and threatens to pollute the Missouri river which is the primary source of water for the Standing Rock reservation.
The intimidation tactics being used by the police are incredibly unconstitutional and inhumane. A few days ago, these unarmed peaceful protectors were sprayed with pepper spray, hit with rubber bullets, and blasted with water canons in 27 degree weather. Many are suffering from hypothermia, and one woman had to have her limb removed because she was hit with one of the stinger grenades that was thrown at them. You can read more about it here and about the constitutional violations here. 
This Thanksgiving is a potent call to inspired action as we collectively face the ongoing injustice that indigenous communities have suffered and the overall violence and blatant disregard for our elemental resources and our planet Earth.
We must summon our reverence for LIFE. All of Life. When our elders are being maced as they sing and pray and peacefully try to protect land and water for future generations, it is a call for us to use our voices and our communication networks and social media to tell the stories that need to be told.
We are being activated to use our skills and organize to create change and bright the light to our collective shadows. We are being forced to face the violence, the division, the hate, the bigotry, the prejudice, the sexism, and the greed as it comes out into the light. 
This contrast is showing us who we are, what truly matters. It is empowering us to care, to do something, to offer kindness and assistance, and to band together with others who care. Because we do care. This is our task. 
How are we going to meet it?
We are powerful together. We are united, beyond our physical appearances, beyond time and space, we are vibrational beings and we have the ability to harmonize and tap into our unified field of Being. It is there. It holds us.
This is our task and these are the times we chose to be born into. We are here to remember and to help others remember.
And we are here to be the bridges and the catalysts for the shift, the seeds of the new awakening.
We can chose. We have power and we must now learn to use it. There are many ways and in even in the smallest ways, with what we support and who and what we give our money to, we can begin to make changes. There is awareness being raised around banks such as Wells Fargo, Citibank, HSBC who who loaned this oil company the money to fund the building of this pipeline. It’s time we get informed and take action.
So please keep sharing, please keep your hearts open, please keep your prayers strong and flowing, please summon kindness and please keep holding the vision that together we are strong and that love conquers all. Love is the answer. Axis bold as love. This is our prayer.
Thank you for reading, thank you for connecting into this web. Let’s continue to hold each other and lift each other.
In gratitude, in respect and in service~
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There are many places and people collecting funds and a dear friend of mine and water protector who is on the front lines (@daughterofthesun_) is helping me to direct them to a specific camp within Standing rock which is being run by a council of women elders in support of the women and children at camp.
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~Climbing PoeTree