mario peccinetti


Here is brother Kaypacha’s latest astrology report for week of December 11th 2013 illuminating the energies coming our way.
Mantra for the week:
“If the outer world is illusion,
The other, but my reflection,
Then I am the source of my problems,
And I carry within the solutions.”
Kaypacha says : 
“Things are picking up speed and we are all becoming more sensitive and these put together can lead to overwhelm. As we shift our identity to the infinite within we will not be as disturbed or rattled by the ‘insanity’ of without haha! Play around with reality a bit this week and you will see how flexible it really is.”
Kaypacha says in the video….
“Self-consciousness. Awareness, of who I am as an eternal spiritual being gives me the patience. It gives me the endurance, it gives me the gratitude, gives me the joy. When I am off center, when I am out of alignment, when I get lost in some external reality other person’s reality…then I have problems…If you have a problem it’s because you are off-center…In your spirit, in your heart you have no problem because there is no polarity. You are in the infinite”
I cued up the video to begin when he starts getting into the core message but feel free to bring cursor to beginning to watch the entire report!