ART: Henri Georges Jean Isidore Meunier

Here is brother Kaypacha once again bringing us the weekly Astral Insights…
“With every choice I make,
My Spirit and Soul are there,
Ultimately I am deciding,
To evolve or stay right here.”
He says:
“Venus and Mercury are both closing year-long cycles and preparing to set off on new adventures… commit to the fullest expression of yourself right now and watch the universe take you there!”
“Decide who you want to be and then be that. That really is all there is to be said and these are the perfect aspects for that decision to be made NOW! Regardless of what happens, what others say, etc. when you are coming from your core that is the truth of the matter and the universe will step up to support you in that. And if that involves clearing up some old karma then so be it….. just do it and move on. In most cases from my experience, it has more to do with self forgiveness of the past and getting up the guts to put yourself out there again haha!
“New Moon in Sag next week will coincide with a new phase of Venus/Pluto and new phase of Mercury/Saturn, and with Mars in Aquarius it signals a great opportunity to expand having broken free from the bonds of the past and ready to charge into a new future.”