Here is brother Kaypacha once again with his weekly Astrology Report:
“With bold determination,
I set my course and go,
Knowing that conscious attention,
Will help me reach my goal.”
Toward the end of the report he says:
“We are starting to emerge…now it’s time to take back some control…there’s going to be this shift in the next couple of months where yeah, it’s time for us to decide, for us to act, for us to impact and not be victims or martyrs or overwhelmed. It’s time.”
“…This weekend…the gates open and it’s time to charge…Mercury went direct. Now Venus and Mars goes into Aries. The balls are going to start rolling!”
“…It’s very tempting to just unconsciously, impulsively act when we’ve got this kind of energy going on….it’s time to be very alert, and very conscious. And try as much as is possible to direct the flow a little bit and not just kind of throw yourself unconsciously into the ring, so that you end up getting beat up.”
“It’s an exciting time….and it’s best to be a force of change rather that be forced to change.”