Here is brother Kaypacha with the weekly astrological download…
“When I am truly able,
To let go of all the ego,
I’ll feel the flow of the river,
And be one with all of nature.”
He says:
“As I attempt to explain in this report, it is about becoming more and more aware of our illusions and self-delusions that are based on a limited sense of self (ego versus infinite spirit) so we can let ’em go!
“If we don’t get stuck in the process of discovering that we blew it, missed it, ignored it, etc. which brings us down on ourselves, then we can forgive, accept, let go and ride the wild river of Life! 
“I used myself as an example in the report to show that there is layer upon layer upon layer of beliefs, fears, and illusions influencing our choices every moment.  
“The node/Jupiter in Virgo is saying that the more we dig beneath our ‘reasons,’ the more we may discover that they are totally unreasonable, paranoid, programs that are not who we ARE anyway.  Then and only then can they be let go… because they are no longer driving us from the unconscious since we have shed light down there and become aware.
“It is an exciting time with many things changing, expanding, and manifesting! Virgo, holding her wheat, has long been a sign of the harvest, and Jupiter there promises big returns for our efforts.
“The more we can include, as in relinquishing some control, tolerating some chaos or the unknown, the more we may be pleasantly surprised.
“Knowingly allow, observe, and enjoy.”