J.Pass and J.Chapman via MYSTIC MAMMA



Here is the always wonderful Kaypacha showing up for us once again with his insights for this week.
“We are asked to create a new planet,
Where we all can live in peace,
I can assist in this process,
By listening before I speak.”
In the report Kaypacha says:
“It’s time to go deep….This is a time for us to reflect inwardly.”
He also shares:
“…We have ways of avoiding our feelings. We have ways of avoiding our past, and life right now is saying uh uh uh, no more denial, no more avoidance, no more distractions, bam.”
“…Healing the wound of separation from Source. And that separation from Source is the root of all fear and pain. And this is actually a time of healing. And this is not always easy work.”
” …A lot of time the truth hurts, a lot of time we need someone else to show us what is inside…It takes a lot of courage…so get on it. And it will be worthwhile…the consciousness that comes, the renewed future….new paradigm, we are busting out of the old and in order to do that we have to do it personally, inwardly.”
Finally he adds:
“May we use some of the challenging energy these days to remind us to go within for the answers, for the truth, and to create peace.”