Martin SchongauerART: Martin Schongauer

Here is brother Kaypacha with the weekly astrological forecast.
“Sometimes Life will take away,
What I hold so dear.
It’s humbling and scary,
But can be necessary,
In order for me to hear.”
Favorite quote from the report:
“Life is a process of letting go. And the more you let go the more you reflect and the more you see…what? The mystery behind the form…”
“Part of the evolutionary process is getting in touch with what is eternal…”
He says:
“This weeks Pele Report touches upon some sensitive material that I hope interests and opens you more than disturbs and upsets you.
“Let’s face it, Life gives and Life takes away, there is ingestion and excretion. These are all aspects of Life and not all are pretty, yet all hold meaning, intention, and wisdom.
“Scorpio (and Pisces) is the sign associated with some of the more ugly, taboo, dark, mysterious aspects of Life that we often seek to avoid, deny, or hide from. Yet from looking at and dealing with these aspects head on there is tremendous wisdom and growth.
“The last new Moon in Aquarius set the stage for a month of ‘awakening,’ and part of that awakening may involve letting go of some cherished people, places, things, dreams, and/or illusions.
“The good news is that these experiences can also be doors that open our perception to the secret workings, intentions, and even future plans of Great Spirit. May you be opened, aware, and know Love more fully through piercing through the mystery of Life.”