Here is dear brother Kaypacha with the weekly astrological guidance…
“Sometimes the world is so bizarre,
I simply can’t relate,
But my work is to stay and support,
By lovingly holding space.”
He says:
“Wow, it is just such a time now where it is so obvious that so much needs to happen, change, and get done, and at the same time we can be getting simply STOPPED if we push to hard or act prematurely. The inconjunct going on with Jupiter to Venus, Mars, and Chiron is a test of our boundaries.
“The whole year of 2017 is about honesty and truth in all our relations. And it starts at home, with ourselves. This aspect says that it is time to become more aware of our limitations, humble ourselves, and learn to say NO.
“And not just say no, I have a headache, or I don’t have enough money or bla bla bla but the TRUTH: ‘My body, heart, or mind is not wanting me to connect with you right now.’ No excuses, just the plain truth.
“It may be that you don’t have enough stamina, time, or desire as the universe is just pushing each of us to know ourselves and share ourselves authentically.
“It can be doing that by overwhelming us with more than we can possibly handle (Jupiter) so we have to learn community, cooperation, which involves trust and letting go of control and on and on…. it’s not about achievement right now, it is about learning how to love and live together. Have a good time!”