Here is Kaypacha sharing his insights for this week and for the upcoming New Moon in Virgo August 25th.
“When I believe I will see,
The plan that Life has for me,
To let go of pain and have a new start,
With a clear mind and an loving heart.
Kaypacha says:
“New Moon in Virgo coming up this weekend (Monday)! I think the Sabian Symbol of 3 degrees Virgo says it all so I will quote it here as described by Dane Rudhyar in his book ‘An Astrological Mandala.’ The symbol is ‘Two Guardian Angels’ with the keynote being ‘Invisible help and protection in times of crisis.’
Rudhyar says, ‘Though the consciousness may not yet be able to realize this as a fact, man is as surrounded by spirit as fish by water. Angels, devas and the like are entitized forms of spirit. In a sense at least, they collectively constitute a realm of existence complementary to mankind. They are specialized fields of energy which are apparently conscious, but not ‘free’ in a human sense — that is, free to be what they are not.’We are told, by seers and even by merely clairvoyant persons, that they constitute hierarchies of energy- distributing forms which sustain all life processes — particularly in the vegetable and telluric realms — as well as protective agencies attached to human beings. Modern psychologists may think of them as symbols of as yet latent powers in man’s unconscious. By being aware of their presence and sustaining power a man may avoid the desperate feeling of aloneness and alienation which usually pervades the ‘night of the soul’ and the symbolic forty days in the wilderness.’
Kaypacha adds…
“These are the days to break through the illusion that something outside ourselves has control over our inner state of being and step fully into our potential as co-creators of a new earth.” 
LINKS from Kaypacha: Matt Kuhn: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFS84Jp1qfc  
Music by valariemulberry.com