fox-mysticmammaHere is brother Kaypacha with the weekly astrology report:
“My friend, you are a teacher,
That is clear to see,
Just remember that to master an art,
You must keep curiosity.”
He says:
“Indeed! We are all teachers as well as students and the good thing about Life is that there is no end to it! There is always more to learn, places to go, and people to meet etc! I think in the corporate world they call it ‘professional development’ when you keep deepening your understanding of your work.
“Great time to sign up for that course, take that trip, pick up that book you’ve been wanting to read and expand your horizons!
“This can be an awesome couple of weeks, the only down side might be the urge to go too fast, eat too fast, talk too fast and get lost in all the action. Breathe deep, be still, use time as an ally in decision making and great strides can be had. Go for it!”