Willy Pogany-via-MYSTICMAMMA


Here is brother Kaypacha once again with his weekly Astrology Report for week of January 6th 2015…
“Sometimes when I think
I need to fix this or that,
It’s really just trust
In Spirit I lack.”
He says:
“We can all slip easily into overwhelm and ‘freak out.’  But really, let’s look at it…. do we really need to freak out about ‘this’ or ‘that’?  Really? “
“…With Venus ruling the north node now in Aquarius, it is time for some objective, ‘witnessing’ of our lives to be happening.  This is most easily accomplished with some trust in a greater intelligence than our limited ego identity…. 
In the report her says:
“When we get in our core, and we get in our center and we get in our feelings and we trust…not just some external Spirit or Guru Teacher God Goddess out there, when you are in your center and you are in your core you trust yourself … trust Life is good for me, Life is supporting and everything that happens is just right according to my soul plan.”