Here is brother Kaypacha sharing with us his weekly astrological insights for this Solar Eclipse New Moon on October 23rd and the week following.
“To consummate this relationship,
I’m willing to engage,
As bot a student and a teacher,
That Love may have it’s way.”
Kaypacha says:
“The eclipses let in forces from deep space, way out there, totally foreign, into the earth sphere as the Moon blocks the Sun’s rays from reaching us.
“These energies can be both creative and destructive, but regardless, both serve to make us more conscious, and that is just what I hope you are right now.  
“It is when we go bumbling along trying to just slide by half awake and half sleeping that we get the most upset from these energies.  Can be like a cold slap in the face!
“No worries though….this too shall pass… and when it does this weekend, it is going to be like a great calm, beautiful sunset after the storm.  The Sun/Venus move on to trine Neptune, Mercury goes direct, and Mars moves into Capricorn (not necessarily producing calm that Mars, but at least grounding!).  
“So hold the chin up and take it all in stride….. you may just find the missing ingredient to the pie of your life and/or you may be an instrument of Life teaching another something…. don’t take it all too seriously or personally….. let it go…”



Music by Adey –  adey.bandcamp.com