Here is brother Kaypacha with the weekly astrology lowdown…
“When making important decisions,
I need to still my mind,
By breathing long, and slow, and deep,
And surrendering to the Divine.”
Kaypacha  says:
“And that is just the way it is on our beautiful blue planet these days! There is a lot going on that can pull us off center, confuse us and just get us pissed. This is happening both collectively and personally, and is all part of a divine test.”
“However, these conditions can also serve us and our evolution…”
“This is a time when GREAT actions can be taken that change the course of history (maybe to herstory?). We can say that history is being made and it is just a question of by who and how consciously they are trying to create from peace, love, and harmony, or how much they are reacting and acting out of past fears, beliefs, conditions, and unconscious programming.
“Time will certainly tell. Let’s be the change. “
My notes from the report:
“There’s a lot of anger going on…it’s really challenging to stay cool, calm and collected these days, when there is this sense of like we’re getting overwhelmed with so much…”
“…Well this is the time, to find and hold and to maintain and to keep that light within, and to be guided in your communications, and to be clear in your relationships and to practice.
“It’s like now we get to practice at a deeper level or at a higher level, or with more intense surroundings.”
“…Surrendering to the Divine that is within me, does not necessarily involve losing anything. In fact, it means expanding my power base, expanding my consciousness, expanding my magnetic field…”
“…Mercury retrograde. It’s time to reflect on how I am looking at the world and interpreting my reality. And we interpret our realities by what we believe. And you can have some unconscious beliefs…”