Brian Wildsmith -what the moon saw 1978


Here is brother Kaypacha’s Astrology for the Soul for this week…
“I just don’t know if I really can,
Give as much as Life demands,
But when I let go and give it my all,
I come to find I’m a bottomless well.”
Kaypacha says:
“Life is so intense sometimes, and these days are no exception.  The Jupiter/Lilith/Moon squaring the Sun/Saturn/Venus, not to mention the Mars/Uranus square are all contributing to confounding times!  A good time to take the litmus test on just how much a person can handle, eh?
 “In so many ways, this 3/4 square of both the Sun/Moon and the Jupiter/Pluto is a time of getting back what was put out in the past and needing to deal with it.  Most often the harvest contains both pleasant and unpleasant returns/surprises.  I hope that you appreciate all the good that you have done and that is coming back to you and don’t get overly focused on the negative or ‘less than’ feedback to the point where it stops you from going forward.”  
“…There just is no getting around doing the work these days, but, in doing the work there can be some very real, tangible results. The best perhaps is finding what your true work/joy is. If you are not joyful in your current occupation Life is telling you (through BS, struggle, and little return) that you are in the wrong line of work. Sometimes it is hard to make the change but it can get harder and harder still to stay the same….. time to transform yourself and in so doing we will together transform the world. Go for it!”


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