Here is brother Kaypacha with his weekly astrology report for week of April 14th 2015…
“With cool, calm, objectivity,
I examine what’s going on,
To get to the truth, to get to the point,
So I’m not just wasting my time.”
 In the report he says:
“…Things are crumbling and things are falling apart, so it’s time to find new truths.”
“…This is time for us to get grounded, and it’s not fun, it’s not easy, it’s not nice…this just like the time were the plow tearing up that soil makes way for the seed and it’s time for us to push and continue to push…this is a test, and all we can say is this is only a test.
“And it’s time to strongly and firmly believe in the truth, to become a mature example of the truth, a model of the truth and progress along in a steadfast way.”