Kwakiutl masks1890-mysticmamma


Here is brother Kaypacha with the weekly astrological download.
“I can no longer lie,
Or continue to pretend,
For every mask I wear,
Destroys me in the end.”
He says:
“I know you know what I’m talkin’ bout! It’s time to come clean, let it go, blurt it out, get it off your chest, out of your closet, face the consequences and free yourself of all the problems and crap that comes with hiding anything.
“And then get ready for others to do the same and maybe blow your mind like you blew theirs. Let’s all blow our own and each others minds right open to a new understanding and acceptance of what it means to be human. Stop pretending and start laughing haha!
“The alternative is to take these times, and these projects, and these people and these relationships oh so seriously and TRY to micro-manage everybody, control all outcomes, react out of fear, lose sleep, become a hypochondriac and need some pills to get through the day…. AAHHHHHHH!
“Yup, it can get that intense and it is for some of us! Don’t let it get you down….. be like a clown after the show and take of all that makeup, get real, and make the deal….. Injoy!”