Here is brother Kaypacha once again with his weekly astrology report for this week…
In the report he says:
“…we need to get over our egos and transcend into these higher realms of consciousness, beyond separation, beyond struggle…and turn our swords into plowshares…”
“…This is the week where we can bury the hatchet..Or  keep on fighting like Mars opposite Saturn just might want to do. It’s anger when we get frustrated so ya gotta stay calm or Mars Saturn can be violence and anger and battle and whoooooo…
“That’s why we got the mantra. Turn it back in on yourself and don’t be pointing fingers or blaming or this that and the other. It’s our own personal illusions that create all this conflict.”
“Time is the hoe turning the soil,
Piercing the surface to expose what’s down under,
And as the farmer plants seeds for food production,
I must weed out my lies and self deception,
That strangle my dreams and instead bring destruction.”