Here is our dear Kaypacha with the weekly astrology report…
“Every single problem,
Is pregnant with a solution,
That calls for my expansion,
Toward embracing all creation.”
In his report, Kaypacha says:
“In every single problem there is a solution, there’s a key, there some medicine, there’s a healing. there’s a potential, there’s a possibility, it’s pregnant. Every problem, every irritability, every anger, every emotion that we have is pregnant with a potential knowledge, a potential learning, a potential opening.”
He says:
“The roots of our issues go deep into our roots and back into our past. For a true, full, healing, rebirth (Venus, Mars, Jupiter) to occur it is necessary to go within and find all those places where we shut down and close off either due to pain or fear. Until we do, we are held hostage by our own blocks and unconscious limitations like a turtle who won’t stick it’s head out of it’s shell.
“So go in there, dig it up, stir it up, spit it out and stick it out! You will feel so much better, open, and alive afterwards!
“We’re not going to heal anybody, much less the world, until we heal ourselves so the work begins at home.
“Wishing you the best of the best! Injoy!”