Here is Kaypacha with his weekly astrology report for week of April 21, 2015:
“I am no longer afraid,
To call a spade a spade,
And get all the cards on the table,
To co-create a better way.”
Kaypacha says:
“This week will continue to pack a punch with the Mercury/Mars conjunction going on in Taurus.  While there is much more than that…”
“The key words for this week’s Mercury/Mars conjunction are ‘Delicate Negotiations,’ as in, try as hard as you can to keep them delicate haha!
“…so the down side is that you can do damage with your words this week or receive some harsh words coming at you…
“It is time to share some of your personal values or some subjective needs/wants… It may not be comfortable but it is good to be clear about where you stand and where everyone else stands (and needs) to move into the future without doubts, questions and secret agendas that can come back to bite.
“So if you can remain tactful and truthful this can be a good housekeeping week! Practice, practice practice haha!”
In the report Kaypacha says:
“In a way this is like the needle pushing us out of our comfort zone, into relationship….this can be one of those times of bouncing off of people, but the good thing about Mercury/Mars is, it’s enough of a push or a discomfort to discover and uncover and..say things that you wouldn’t say…and people may say things to you that you don’t want to hear, but it brings CLARITY. CLARITY oh yeah!
“This is a time of coming clear of who’s who and what’s what and what’s mine and what’s yours. And we can go forward with this clarity and down the road we are going to be very thankful that we said that, or that we signed that contract, or that we broke that agreement, or that we said no. This is a time of saying yes and saying no. Embracing what’s going to take us to the future and canceling what’s holding us back.”