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Here is brother Kaypacha once again with his weekly astrology report!
“The paradox of life,
Is that in order to win,
I need to stop fighting,
And be peace within.”
Kaypacha says:
“Alright! This is a week of destiny reaching Its hand into our lives and altering them, possibly forever. Keep all your senses alert for the comings and goings in our lives this week…”
“It is an intense time where the emotional upheavals can bring us to the top and crash us down to the bottom – in minutes ..The more we practice ‘goodbye’ the easier it gets and the lighter our load and the more we realize how amazing we are and how little we really needed to start with!
In the report he says:
“The more you transform, the more your give birth, the more you change, the easier it gets. The more you resist, the more problematic, and challenging and violent it becomes.”
“…This culmination of energy changes things…this is a time for you to change your life.”
“…Just really pay attention,  pay attention. Because what is going on now is you are getting signs form Life. Life is really saying don’t go here, go here. don’t do this, do that…
“Time to chose the door you want to walk through.”
“It is also a time where some new things can emerge and come into your life.”
“This is the time of electrifying, awakening, liberation, shock, awe, about who I essentially am…a time of new desires, new impulses spontaneously arising, that can be very sudden and rebellious in nature, revolutionary…”
“You can either be a force of liberation or you can get liberated, like it or not…so be the change. Don’t wait for the change.”
“It’s time to be that candle and stay lit. And keep the inner fires lit. Be the light in the darkness.”