Lubov Tchernicheva


Here is Kaypacha’s weekly astrology report for this week into the New Year…
“As I design my new future,
I let go of parts of my past,
The closer I pay attention,
The more I will take what will last.”
My notes from the report:
“These are times of decision, of change, of choice….it’s time for something to go, something to be removed.  Anything that is inhibiting, holding us back, it can be a belief it can person, it can be a job, it can be a country…It can be anything that is holding us back. Now needs to go…it’s like we are being stripped of our known familiar sense of security, sense of identity, sense of who I am.”
“…So what is coming up now for so many of us is a new future…birth of the new always requires the separation from the known, familiar, secure past. It can be beautiful, it’s a flowering, it’s an opening, it’s a creation, and it can be very scary…
“…Now is the time for planning this future, and it’s a very good time for doing that and preparing ourselves…the ship’s gonna leave the port, the new paradigm is going to take off, and now we are packing our bags and have to decide what to leave and what to take….you cannot take everything with you. Now it’s time to choose.”
Kaypacha wants you to know:
“This will be a New Year’s to remember!  There have not been such intense aspects at the New Year for thousands of years!  I’m not kidding…. look at the chart in this week’s Pele Report.  It portends a time of great change, of big decisions, big moves, and dramatic occurrences. 
“While being a favorable time for creative enterprises, as the mantra suggests, it will also be helpful to stay very aware, awake, and practice restraint.  The Mars opposite Jupiter can tend to go overboard so best to practice ‘all things in moderation’ as you move steadily and surely toward your new future.  Truly a time of great awakening and self-discovery which can only lead to better results.  Happy New Year!  Injoy”

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Blessings and Happy NEW YEAR to all!