Here is brother Kaypacha’s latest weekly astrology report.
The mantra for the week is:
“With every choice I now must make,
I see just who I am.
Is it my looks, security,
Or Spirit in command?”
He adds:
“Favored activities for this week are: Revolt! Experiment! Commit to Change! It may not be easy but somebody’s got to lead the way and it is looking more and more like we have to do it ourselves….. time to bite the bullet, roll up the sleeves, and paddle that boat outa’ the harbor and toward the open sea!!! Injoy!”
To hear full report and all the aspects feel free to move cursor to the beginning, otherwise I have it cued up to where he get to the juice of it!

PS: The video is working fine! If for some reason you get a “video error” it could be the browser you are using. It also does not seem to work on ipads or iphones. 





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