Brother Kaypacha’s brings humor and resonant wisdom to illuminate the landscape before us….
Mantra for the week:
“I have lived from one extreme to the other,
Total freedom to completely smothered,
I see true love as transforming myself,
To be born anew, by listening to you.”
He also says:
“Feeling the pressure? whether about freedom, love, or money, we’ve been in a cycle of hitting our limits with what partners are asking.
“The New Moon in Aquarius Thursday (and you may feel it coming sooner) is liberation from the tension and bursting forth into some new territory with all this!
“It is looking like a GREAT weekend to pull out all the stops, let it go, and celebrate! Pura Vida! Injoy…..”


PS: If for some reason you get a “video error” it could be the browser you are using. It also does not seem to work on ipads or iphones. 






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