Anthony Samaniego-photo


Here is Kaypacha’s latest astrology report for this week beginning on June 18th, 2014…
Mantra for the week:
“Sometimes I feel like I wanna get off,
This train before I’m completely lost.
Heading into the unknown I need to surrender,
To the plan my soul made in the womb of my mother.”
He says:
“Well…. If you haven’t lost it by this weekend chances are you are stable enough to be what we could call a ‘Storm Master’! Oh yeah, Sun conjunct a retrograde Mercury with a Mars opposite Uranus (3rd round) is enough to push anybody to the edge…. tipsy tipsy now…. careful!   Not a time to be blasting anybody for your troubles either because they are at the end of their rope too…. ‘If it doesn’t kill us, it will bring us all closer together’ must be the Divine’s intention haha!