MYSTIC MAMMA | Mijanou Montealegre

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Blessings dear friend,
A powerful opening is underway as JUPITER + NEPTUNE are aligning in PISCES on April 12th 2022.
Neptune and Jupiter are considered to be the ruling planets of Pisces, and as such, their alignment within Pisces strengthens the boundless and mystical Piscean realms.
Jupiter expands all it comes into contact with, and thus will ripple the Piscean frequencies further within our collective consciousness. 
Last time they came together in Pisces was in 1856 which according to astrologer Pam Younghans, was the height of the “spiritualist movement” and a period of religious revival in the US.
These powerful transcendent energies have great potential to expand our higher hearts.
But as astrologer Divine Harmony says there can be “immense Light and also the potential for deep shadow… the best use of this astrology is to access new frontiers in our Unconscious.” 
The influence of these two planets coming together in Pisces, can help expand our capacity to feel, and open the gates to a full spectrum of emotions.
Know that in feeling it all, we are widening our capacity to heal and overcome. Tears might flow more freely as they release and cleanse our hearts.
These are not easy times. It can feel like we are being squeezed. 
Like the imperative trumpet call for our evolution is being played. 
And indeed it is. We are each a part of this great symphony. 
Each of our distinctive notes, like dancing particles in waves, is being tuned with the greater harmony of the cosmos.
I leave you with these poetic words from Ellias Lonsdale, whose work I have shared with you for years and years and is of eternal inspiration to me… 
Here is his Star Sparks read for this conjunction at PISCES 24:
“Being plunged into the deepest layers of collective, ancestral and personal remembering and restoring of everything that seemed to be gone. 
Working on the deep inside. 
Cast into spaces which are hard to understand at a conscious level.
Offered the wondrous chance to connect with the Earth spirit in a complete way. 
Being chosen to carry this stream within and to water it and foster it in every way. Even being propelled into cycles and phases of a kind few would expect or dream or seek.
Very strongly being inspired with a sense that structures must give way and universal spirit needs to be the cornerstone of our existence. 
Almost overwhelmingly pulled, magnetized, called into depths which make the usual round of things obsolete. 
In an ultimate sense, being given a trance possession which in most instances is infinite relief and release. But this is an all-pervasive trance. It makes it much easier to penetrate through, without a lot of ego baggage. 
We can access what we need to and still be quietly attending, inwardly receptive, not going all over the map with it. Those who do take up such trances may not know apparently what they’re doing. The camouflage can be pretty thick, the protective veils convincing. Yet there are tell tale signs of what is really going on in here.
The deep soul signals in distinctive ways that we are in tune with a tap root, synchronized within a part of earth existence generally forgotten. And that soul sends forth the message, even if faltered or garbled, that the primal oneness is at hand.
Communing with source is an inward matter. 
It allows us to drop all appearances so fundamentally that if we allow it, we will truly awaken in the dream and find the real world.”
With all my love always~