“When one is receiving, it is only natural to continue the Circle by giving in turn. Think of someone who has helped you out in some way even though they didn’t have to, especially someone who has helped you when you really needed it…
“Opening up to all our relations and the energy of the Circle means being able to share as well as receive and to do so in creative and meaningful ways. That is the way of the Circle.
“And it is important to give to those who appreciate what you offer and let go of those who don’t… Gather everything in the palms of your hands. Look at what is worth keeping and blow the rest away with a breath of kindness.
“We all have a choice. However, in the traditional way, one never takes without giving something in return.
“This is a way of the Circle known as ‘balancing things,’ and this is Osda Nuwati, or Good Medicine…The idea of balancing things serves a very special purpose in the Circle of Life. It is a river of kindness that flows through the Circle with much energy.
“In our lives, we must not be so concerned with what we’re trying to accomplish that we forget our true purpose of being helpers, or caretakers. 
“If we view ourselves as helpers first and foremost, we are taking our place in the Sacred Circle and we are living in a Good Medicine Way, no matter who we are and where we come from.
“Here’s a good rule of thumb: For every person who helps you, it is your willing obligation to help seven others in return. And they too must help seven others, and so on and so forth.
“In this way, the Circle of Life turns with the spirit of generosity and kindness. That is the way of the Circle, and it is Good Medicine for all living beings.”
~Michael Garrett from Walking on the Wind: Cherokee Teachings of Harmony and Balance