“Thank you for this day of spiritual grounding.
“Untie me from the pilgrim’s ship and place my feet on solid ground.
“Earth me in what I know to be true—all I have been taught that has served me well.
“Lift my eyes to recognize and take in what supports and sustains me.
“Surround me with the wealth of community, the abundance of nature, and the prosperity of fulfillment.
“Imagine me a hunter of the soul’s treasures, returning with sound intelligence for sharing at the home hearth.
“Help me to reach my potential as your gardener and preservationist by providing me with sanctuary among the plants and animals.
“Help me till into the soil that which feeds and nurtures it to health, in a circular gesture of receiving and giving back through the seasonal turns.
“Let me mother those who find me on the path, as I have been held and encouraged by you and those special loved ones who saw my need. Let me repay the favor.
“Qualify me to epitomize the value in others and hold them in high regard.
“Let me witness the deepest promise of greatness in each living creature I meet. Let me believe in the fruit that has yet to be born from them, and support them with gentle counsel.
“Show me my purpose so I may celebrate and value the work I’ve done while enjoying the simple pleasures of spirited exchange among my kind.
“Remind me of what it took to get here. Regenerate my energy so I may be of service when required.
“Educate me in the economics of harmony.
“Train my rhythm to the heartbeat of the ground that cradles me. Run with my spirit through the fields of frolic and revelry, and let me never forget that I belong to you.
“Bless me with the immodest songs of merriment and gaiety. My days of hesitancy are far behind.
“Surrender me to the ambition of the mountain: my final destination of this quest.
“Lodge within my banks of reason the fact that I am provided for in all ways.
“Remind me that I am of you, and my sister and my brother, too.
“Accept our thanks for all of creation and for this journey.”
~Pixie Lighthorse from her new book Prayers of Honoring Voice