“Thank you for this day of watchfulness.
“Give me the perception to notice the changes taking place inside of me. Help me see them clearly reflected in my environment.
“Take me deep into the hermitage of my spirit to ponder the here and now and for see the coming challenges.
“Purify my filters so that I can understand my connection to all living things, and my place in this Universe.
“Align my attentions with the stars and all that lies beyond this form. Illuminate me with the glow of contemplation.
“Let me study what I see on the ground long before I come to conclusions, and longer before I speak.
“Bless me with an untroubled, uncrowded mind as I bring the whole picture into radical focus.
“As I witness the unfoldment of the world before me, help me to consider everything at work.
“Broaden my vision by showing me the critical moving parts in this constellation of life.
“Soften my brow. Help me hold my gaze.
“Allow me to glimpse the shapeshifting that is evolution.
“Allow my meditations to produce the kind of stillness that spots the detection of movement.
“Calm my fears about what I see. Show me the light and the dark, the forward movement and the setbacks.
“Let my pensive state give birth to refined insights and evaluations.
“When I am ready to communicate, let me be sure that I will be heard by those who care to conference about such findings. Err me on the side of brevity, and provide me with listenership that appreciates clear deductions.
“Monitor my heartbeat, which echoes in time with Earth. Beat a drum inside of me that connects the soil to the skies.
“Make me an interpreter between nature and the villages of people, asking that each give to one another in equal amounts.
“Instill a belief in me that accurate assessment yields realization.”
~Pixie Lighthorse from her newly released book Prayers of Honoring Voice