“Gestation is that enrinching time when a baby grows inside its mother. In the nine months of pregnancy, the fetus transforms from a meeting of and egg and a sperm to whole being with a mind and a physical body suitable for life outside the womb. The bond between mother and baby grows strong and deep as they spend twenty-four hours a day together. The baby becomes accustomed to the mother’s movements, her voice, her feelings, and the love she is sending to her womb. Concurrently, the mother becomes accustomed to carrying the baby, to caring for it, to incorporating it into her life. In Tibetan tradition, this time is also associated with increased spirituality…”
As a lama, Gyatso observed a heightening of spirituality in women during pregnancy. “Whenever there is a time of solitude, such as a growth of inner attention during pregnancy, there is a tendency to turn to spirituality. Women know they must ultimately give birth alone, even if they are surrounded by family or friends.”

~Anne Hubbell Maiden and Edie Farwell, The Tibetan Art of Parenting

“When pregnant, we take part in much more cosmic grandeur. If you are sensitive to energy, you may actually feel your vibration change when the soul of your baby dips into your body. Inner communication is accessible from baby to mother to cosmos and back. Mother entrains with baby and take spart in baby’s soul-consciousness. Pregnancy becomes a glorious time of spiritual expansion…”
~Sunni Karll, Sacred Birthing: Birthing a New Humanity