lunar eclipse
Here’s the latest from the always insightful Robert Wilkinson from his site Aquarius Papers,
“Full Moons heighten feelings, and this one features a dual opposition of the Moon with the Sun and Mercury, and a wide opposition between Saturn and Uranus…”
“Of some major importance is that Jupiter recently triggered New Grand Irrationality directives. We’ve all been challenged to choose wisely despite the general weirdness and hard edge to things. The recent New Moon Solar Eclipse stepped the energy up as it fell in the Gemini zone of the Grand Irrationality, and so many strange and “destiny-producing” events have quickened to warp speed, throwing us all in major new directions. The whole world is at a critical turning point where we must find compassionate ways to link with others to assist the whole to survive through a rough patch…”
“We can find illumination in being aware of how things are expanding and being communicated as we stand on the threshold of decisions that will reorient us all in different ways to stabilize recent beginnings. This can take shape through how and what we believe to be truth or a greater future, and how we use our imagination to play with skills that will become powers in the future, with the purpose of showing our world our ability to play with rhythms of activity as we keep our eyes on the prize…”
© Copyright 2011 Robert Wilkinson
And  also from the wonderful  Dipali Desai from her website Celestial Space Astrology about the new energy coming in:
“Sagittarius symbolizes faith, beliefs and expanding Consciousness. Take aim to the highest point in the heavens which helps us to rise beyond our struggles. We seek therefore we eventually find. We may want to check into old beliefs and see if they are blocking the path or are they still useful. Hold not  too rigidly to beliefs, stagnation occurs. When we learn our lessons in life, they tend not to repeat. If you send out mixed vibes, that’s what returns to you from Life and others….”
“The Intention: Let go, allowing for endings to happen wherever area of life and key themes the Total Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius highlights.”
“Whatever has been on the back burner brewing emotionally will bubble up now to be felt, resolved, healed and understood so the same things does not happen again. The signs: Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo from 21 – 27 degrees may feel the Lunar Eclipse strongly. Other signs too will notice key points arising. At the time leading up to the Lunar Eclipse (which happens during a Full Moon phase) address our sub-conscious, emotional and inner world.”
“This being a Total Lunar Eclipse may intensify emotional energies. Things that have been held tightly together may come tumbling down or fall apart and we may feel we have no control over it.  Sometimes you have to take things apart to see how they fit in a new way after the hindrances are removed. Since it is a Total Lunar Eclipse, there may be abrupt, sudden endings, completion and falling apart of things in life including relationships. We must unmask the emotional pain by first feeling through whatever emotions come up, shift the old way of perceiving things and then have honest discussion or inquiry to help facilitate long lasting change.”
Copyright 2011 Dipali Desai. All Rights Reserved
Lastly from Julia Bondi from Mooncircles:
“Traditionally, this Full Moon of Gemini/Sagittarius is the Festival of Goodwill for Humanity, the time to see our fellow humans as equal travelers on this earth journey whom we seek to see, know, love and assist as we ascend together to greater oneness. Wars, uprisings, brutality, joblessness, growing financial inequality, global instability, global climate change, in a season of fires, tornadoes, floods, heat waves and slaughter in the streets of many countries in the Middle East are serious human challenges that demand our attention, our most innovative ideas, our most creative solutions, our utmost cooperation and commitment to a greater vision for all – the domain of Gemini/Sagittarius.”
“Gemini is the messenger who catalyzes us to listen to our innovative, inventive, creative, childlike voice where the solution to even the most vexing problems lies, reconciling the seeming opposites that had stymied us. Sagittarius is the philosopher who has learned to hear, to be silent until wisdom and truth make themselves known, to dream the impossible dream and then act passionately, deliberately to achieve the dream. Individually and collectively, it is time to mature our Gemini/Sagittarius duality.”
© 2011 Julia Bondi All rights reserved