Potent *FULL MOON* rising in Virgo on February 25th, 2013. FULL MOONs illuminate the landscape and stir the emotional waters. So what will this Virgo energy bring with it? Here are the Astral Insights from the most astute and inspired readers of the stars…
First from the wonderful Cathy Pagano and her Wisdom of Astrology:
“Full Moons are the part of the cosmic dance when things become clear—or they turn into drama, another form of definition created by unconscious acting-out.”
“The truth is Full Moons can indicate the dance of true partnership, where each side is seen and valued.  But you have to let yourself be seen; you have to take on the Sun’s light and let the Moon speak to you of what it wants to create.  Then your purpose becomes manifesting the vision. “
“So take hold of your courage and dance the dance this Virgo Full Moon.  Because we are being called to birth the brightest truths of our spiritual essence.”
“When the Sun lights up Pisces, we step into the Unseen Realities of the Cosmos.  The last sign of the zodiac, Pisces symbolizes the soul’s return to our Source as well as its immersion in the collective unconscious.  To swim in the watery depths of life demands that we trust; trust gives birth to renewal.”
“At the moment, Pisces is full of diverse energies—the Sun’s search for purpose, Neptune’s spiritual vision, Chiron’s healing touch, Mars’ desire to stand for the Light, Mercury’s dreaming Mind and soon after this Full Moon, Venus’ compassionate Love and Wisdom.  These are the energies that are bubbling within the cauldron of the collective unconscious, waiting to be incarnated.”
“It is the Moon who does the incarnating, just as the mother gives birth to the child.  This Virgo Full Moon helps us become aware of what our soul is here on Earth to incarnate.   We’ve been at this for a while now.  Do you recognize what it is you’re called to do?  The first step is to become conscious, to Know Yourself!  Just that is a big step…”
“Virgo is the Virgin, the Mother, imaged as Isis and the Virgin Mary, both divine Mothers who give birth to Saviors.  Virgo itself symbolizes the aspect of the zodiac where we are asked to become the person we are meant to be, the Christ-consciousness within each of us.  The Virgin Mother wants us to live out our own unique Self.   The ancient saying, “Know Thyself” is a Virgo statement.”
Virgo helps us learn discernment, so that we can say, ‘This is me and that is not me.’  It is only the patriarchal Virgo who has been taught that s/he has to be perfect instead of whole. That’s where Virgo gets her reputation for being picky and controlling.  It’s so impossibly hard to be perfect!  Our individuated Self, though, is rarely perfect; more often, we come to know ourselves as a mixture of light and darkness, seen through the lens of creativity, compassion and truth… “
“So our task is to think differently, to open our intuitive brains, to listen to our feelings…The Mind must understand our desire for peace and unity; we must learn to trust that our unique identity will not be lost when we foster Unity; and we must let Love guide our vision of spiritual awakening…”
“The Sabian symbol for the Moon at 8* Virgo is:  A five-year old child takes a first dancing lesson.  This symbol evokes the need to channel our energies through dancing.  The fact that it is a dance lesson means that we have to focus through specific forms, the archetypal form that is calling to you.  At 5 years of age, a child begins to know himself—his ego is starting to form.  Our patriarchal ego is shaped by our collective expectations.  This dancing child, though, is in your hands.  What steps do you want to dance?  What archetypal reality is calling you to the dance?”
Copyright ©2013 Cathy Pagano All Rights Reserved.
From the wonderful Kelley Rosano:
“The Virgo Full Moon reminds us that we are multidimensional beings. Our past, present and future lives are running simultaneously in the NOW.  The Ascension process is challenging at times. This is true. We want to be proactive not reactive. We want to come from LOVE not fear. We are changing our DNA structure. Thus, we must practice Extreme Self-Care.  Getting plenty of rest, quiet time, reflection and meditation are requirements to stay balanced and grounded. Virgo reminds us to cleanse and purify our body, mind and heart…”
The Virgo Full Moon is showing us that acceptance heals our heart. Accepting the choices other people make will free us. We will feel lighter. We will feel better. For instance, when we release our need to fix, save and rescue others. Accepting the choices that others make allows them to learn from their experience.”
♥ Who do you need to forgive?
♥Do you need to forgive yourself?
♥ Can you move from resistance to forgiveness?
“The Virgo Full Moon is rich in a wealth of important insights, awareness’s and understandings. Pay attention to the messages you are receiving around the Full Moon February 23 – 28. This is your Soul Self providing you the answers you need. Your Soul knows your soul contracts…”
 ♥ What is true for you?
♥ What is no longer true for you?
♥ What do you believe is possible?
♥ What is holding you back?
♥ What would you dare to dream and do if you knew you would not fail?
Mercury the messenger in Pisces is retrograde at the Full Moon. The power of the feminine, our intuition and receptivity are strong in 2013. Mercury Retrogrades in the feminine water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. This occurs for over six months of the year. This is a powerful message from Creator. The female energies are flooding the collective consciousness cleansing and purifying humanity…”
“The Sun in Pisces reminds us not to escape reality by seeing the best in someone or something. In this way, we can avoid disappointment.  The Moon in Virgo encourages us to exercise discrimination in our choices. Keeping busy in personal pursuits will make for a happy Virgo Moon. For instance, this is a terrific time to dream, meditate, draw, write, play, and create.  Imagine your life exactly the way you desire.”
Copyright ©2013 Kelley Rosano All Rights Reserved.
From Shakti Carola Navran and her Maui Astrology:
“With the Full Moon in Virgo, ruled by Mercury, you are invited to contemplate your right livelihood and the specific gifts only you can give to the world. You are sensitized to the highest vision, the connection between your head and your heart, your sense of well being and how you can serve the greater good. The shadow side of Virgo is negativity, overboard criticism and sickness.”
“Judgment and resentment closes our heart and can toxify our system and truly make us sick. Virgo can be very self- critical but it is also the sign for healing and proper self-care. Chiron, known as the wounded healer is in conjunction with the Sun in Pisces. Indeed five planets are in Pisces, the sign of oneness, compassion and highest consciousness.”
“One of our local Hawaiian healing traditions is the path of forgiveness with “Ho’oponopono”, which is a powerful healing practice for you. The healing mantra here is:”I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. I thank you.” I believe that part of our personal healing process is forgiveness and the realization of the interconnectedness of all life. This is a wonderful month to first re-establish your highest vision, do your inner healing work, and align your body, heart and soul.”
 Copyright ©2013 Shakti Carola Navran All Rights Reserved.
From Pat Liles from The Power Path:
“We’re in a month of access to our deepest emotional reservoirs via so much watery, receptive Piscean energy.  Dreams will be enhanced, our imaginations will be fertile, passionate surrender will be available, intuition and synchronicity will be high, because now we are impressionable, empathic and at our most sensitive to communication with the invisible realms.”
“Connect with something larger than your self ~ Nature would be a good start, spiritual practice of any kind, service to someone, something, give over and get lost in your own creative process… As we pass into the Spring Equinox and Aries influence begins later in March, that which we have fomented out of the etheric realms will begin to take form and we will move forward manifesting our visions and dreams.  But not quite yet….”
“Jupiter, the traditional ruler of Pisces, is exactly squared the Pisces Sun and Virgo Moon (7º) forming a T-square.  Our most personal core beliefs are being challenged to evolve to the global/cosmic level.  We are loosening our attachments to our tribal/family consciousness and our competitive masculine attitudes regarding how we live, work, play, travel, think, communicate, feed ourselves, raise our children, etc.  We are really in the soup of it now.  We aren’t totally comfortable with the shift towards a new orientation of consciousness that has opened up permanently with the 2012 portal, but like the bursting forth of Spring, there’s just no stopping it.”
“Pisces emphasis lets us benefit from the inward period when the seed is incubated below the earth, metamorphosing from a seed to a powerful, growing seedling full of strength and purpose seeking the light and then bursting above the ground with Aries and springtime.”
“I want to reiterate what I said at New Moon last:  Vesta, Goddess of the Sacred Hearth, Keeper of the Flame of Spirit, is creating a Finger of God formation with the forces of Saturn and Pluto, our Karmic Teacher and our Transformer.  Where Vesta would normally stay here a week, she is in position for a MONTH.  Saturn and Pluto are in a solid sextile aspect meaning opportunity and they are in each other’s signs (mutual reception) – very strengthening.”
“Vesta, the focal point, teaches us how to use our desire or sexual energy for a committed purpose, pushing the energy beyond the lower chakras to focus within instead of being pulled out into the world of distraction that feeds our small self.  She also brings forth the sacrifice one makes to live a self-directed, inward-focused life as well as bestows the rewards of wholeness and personal integration as a result of that sacrifice.”
“It’s also a call to invite the principles of the Sacred Feminine into our most basic structures of society – business, government, finances where we are in the throes of death and dying and desperately in need of a rebirth with a new vision.”
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Radiant FULL MOON blessings to us all!