Here is the energetic download for this FULL MOON in Taurus. In light of all the extreme Earth Mother activity happening right now, I felt called to hone in the wisdom coming through for this period. Here is the update:
First from Cathy Lynn Pagano and her Wisdom of Astrology:
“With the Taurus Full Moon we become aware of what no longer serves life and we get a chance to transform old stuck energy and feelings and release them.  Leaving us open to new growth and energy once we go through the ‘letting go’ of the death cycle.”
“Taurus’ journey is one of personal values.  Souls incarnate in Taurus to learn what is worth building into life, which can only be discovered when we understand our core values, our self-worth and our attitude toward money, security and the sensual pleasures of life.”
“Scorpio’s journey is to discover where we share values with others.  In past lives, the Scorpio part of us has dealt with dark and hurtful experiences and comes into this lifetime with those stuck feelings unconsciously controlling how we relate to others.  Will we be betrayed again?  Hurt, rejected, terrorized?  Just as Taurus arrives with the Spring, bringing us hope of life, Scorpio looks at what he has experienced in that life and confronts us with our fears about relating to others.”
“This full Moon can help us understand that all these emotional wounds are really learning experiences that, once named and understood, can be released so we can move on to deeper intimacy…”
“So this full Moon asks us to consider what we really value and look at what no longer serves the interests of Life.  We need to do this personally, but we also need to do it as a nation and as a world.  The patriarchy has served its purpose, both within and without.  Now it is time for it to let go of its power over us and over the world and allow the new birth that is so necessary for the good of all life here on our mother, the Earth.”
“One of Taurus’ talents is to be a good steward of the Earth.  We need that kind of stewardship now….Pay attention to how you interact with the Earth.  Dance lightly and with a caring eye.  Heal what needs healing, protect what is weak and love the beauty we have been gifted with. “
As we heal our inner Scorpio wounds, perhaps we can work together to heal the Earth’s wounds.”
“The Sabian symbol for the Sun at 7* Scorpio is: Deep-sea divers. This symbol urges us to focus our intentions (the Sun) on exploring the deeper causes of our fears, our insecurities, our inability to relate.”
“Perhaps past-life experiences still traumatize us. Or some cruel torment from our childhood.  Part of it definitely stems from the crisis we face at the moment.  To dive deeply into the collective unconscious helps us to understand the hidden energies of life that unconsciously move us toward greater growth or keep us stuck….”
“…We are still cradled in the loving waters of a grand trine, with the Sun and Saturn in Scorpio, the Mother Goddess Ceres in Cancer and Neptune and Chiron in Pisces. This probably indicates that our unconscious life is picking up.  Are you dreaming more?  I am.  If you are attuned to your inner life, you will be receiving messages for yourself and for others. If the message embodies your values, do it!”
We are in the womb of the world, gestating a new life and a new consciousness.   Let it be one of Peace.”
© Copyright 2012 Cathy Lynn Pagano. All Rights Reserved
From Lena Stevens from her site
“Through the lens of Taurus/Scorpio, we weigh and determine what has real and lasting value in our lives, feel the burden (or commitment) of what we are attached to, and engage in the human dance of death, loss, grief and rebirth.  Not lightweight topics, but we expect nothing less from two of our power signs – fixed, earth Taurus and fixed, water Scorpio.”
“..Give freely of the old to make way for the new energy.  We are preparing our lives for the influx of higher frequency energies coming with the end of this year and shaping the future.”
“This is a very physical full moon so you may experience everything from physical tension in the body to a lot more energy to go and do something physical. Make sure to move the body during this time so that the energy doesn’t back up.”
“You probably won’t get much sleep during this one but instead of resisting it, use it and have fun. Fun is the operative word here. Many of you probably feel there has been a lack of fun lately so go have some fun and it should what is fun for you not what you think ought to be fun and isn’t.”
© Copyright 2012 Lena Stevens. All Rights Reserved
From astrologer Patricia Liles also from
“Grand Trine (with Kite formation) The Sun in Scorpio this month is in a powerfully beneficial relationship with all the signs that rule our emotional bodies – Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, our water signs…”
“We have access to the highest level of feminine compassion and forgiveness through Neptune.  It represents our on-going healing of our relationship to the feminine at every level – most fundamentally, the Earth, and also the watering and encouraging of our cooperative selves, our loving and powerfully life-sustaining selves, and our honoring and surrendering to the great mysteries of life.”
“Saturn, newly moved into Scorpio…Symbolically, the Lord of Karma aligning with the source of life, our Sun, is saying, ‘I expect you to take this very seriously.’  You must be watering this part of your garden – the feminine – if you expect to have a seat at the feast of new, high frequency energies moving rapidly towards us with the main entrée. “
“…Relationships can be a major focus for expression of this Moon as Venus rules and delights in all social intercourse.  Scorpio says, ‘get rid of what isn’t serving my highest good’ and Taurus says, ‘value and openly appreciate the ones you love’ for maximum use of this Grand Trine gift.”
© Copyright 2012 Patricia Liles. All Rights Reserved
Some wonderful insights from astrologer Kelly Rosano:
“The Earth is ascending into higher vibration…Everything that has been held in our personal and collective unconscious, including what has been denied and/or projected will emerge for healing, integration and transmutation.”
“…This Full Moon shows us how far we have come and what we must deal with now. It reveals the limits we need to respect and the limitations we must transcend. Scorpio rules emotional truth. Scorpio forces us to confront our fears and release what we have outgrown.”
“This includes relationships, jobs, living locations, beliefs and lifestyles. For instance, whatever is no longer serving you and keeping you down. Making you feel depressed. Remember that, letting go is not painful it is the holding on that causes suffering.”
“We are transmuting the last of our Third Dimensional karma through the end of 2012. This includes karmic relationships, karmic lessons, fear and upsetting memories.”
“We are purifying the unconscious mind. This holds many past and present life intense memories such as heartache, suffering, loss, death and betrayals that we have encountered…”
“Practice being the ‘neutral observer.’ Such as, see your life as a movie. You are the Star and Hero of the story. However, you are detached. You can feel what is happening. Yet, you are not being moved, consumed and/or overwhelmed by the drama. In this way, the pain can be released and transmuted into the Light…”
© Kelley Rosano All rights reserved.
Lastly from astrologer Heather Threlfall:
“This Full Moon brings light to the dark. It spotlights what we need to see and what we must change and transform. The Sun has moved from diplomatic and peace-loving Libra into truth seeking, introspective Scorpio, the sign most associated with the dark, the hidden, the unknown. No other sign in the zodiac knows more about crisis, change and moving on, as does Scorpio… “
“Where the Sun at 7 degrees Scorpio falls in our charts our unresolved attachments, fears and addictions are illuminated for transmutation. The evolutionary intent of our Scorpio energy is akin to the sacred science of alchemy, which is the process of transmuting lead into gold, darkness into light, fear into love.”
“It is time to own our power, live our truth and bring our fears into the light. The Sun in Scorpio spotlights what we need to change and transform.”
“This is an important time of cleansing and healing …Our identities, our society and our world now have a golden opportunity to eliminate what is no longer viable in order to grow into something new. The ongoing Pluto-Uranus square urges us to own our power (Pluto) and to think out of the box (Uranus). As we act in the Light, we become agents of planetary evolution to bring Peace on Earth.”
© Copyright 2012 Heather Threlfall. All Rights Reserved
Peace and blessings to all~~~