FULL MOON in Taurus is here on November 6 2014! Time to connect with the nurturing and supportive energy of Mother Earth and remember the peace that comes when we simply take a moment to breathe deeply and enter the stillness. Been a lot of energy churning in the cosmos, the easiest and simplest thing we can do to regain our balance is come back to our breath. Slow deep breaths open the way…so remember to breathe.
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from the our featured astrologers bringing their illuminating wisdom…
First from the insightful PAT LILES from The Power Path.com:
“A time of palpable Feminine Power – meaning of the Earth, the body, the sensual, that which holds beauty and power with grace. All four elements, earth, air, fire and water have a sign that represents the holding and consolidation of energy-POWER. They are the fixed signs. For earth it is Taurus; for water, it is Scorpio. Earth and water are the feminine elements…”
“Taurus combines its power with the practicality of earth meaning focus is on our security, what we value, our resources, possessions, and what we can experience with our earthly senses (mmm, tastes good, feels good, smells good, sounds good…), and Taurus reflects how we experience our self-worth.”
“Ruled by feminine Venus, she brings to Taurus the sensuous, the beautiful, and the ability to magnetize what she desires to her. The material world reflects how Taurus views their power and strength and safety in the world…”
“This Full Moon will reflect what you value most, what sustains you, where your true wealth and worth lies. Is it counting coin that makes you feel safe? Your relationship to the plant, animal and natural worlds? Friends, Family, Community? Right livelihood? Domestic or social harmony? Sensing the aesthetic beauty around you?
“This Full Moon is a good time to determine just what you value and want to stand for, create in your life and carry forth into the next cycle of your evolution.
“But the real stage for this Full Moon may lie with Scorpio where Venus, chart ruler, is placed leading the Sun, along with Saturn-Teacher and Lord of Karma, and followed by Pallas Athena. Saturn is the heavy here. We have been garnering our lessons from Saturn in Scorpio since October 2012 and will not be complete until September 2015.
“If you look around you can see the bloody knuckles, scraped knees and noticeable limps of those around you who may not have taken Saturn’s ‘suggestions’ to put responsibility, discipline and mature patience into play…Now, seeing as Scorpio’s realm is power, sexuality, death and transformation as well as the shamanic and shadow worlds, we are experiencing just how fundamental the surrender (a most feminine action) to the Divine is for our survival…”
“Attachment (Taurus) and letting go, i.e. death (Scorpio) are big themes highlighted at this Moon. Look deeply and closely at anything diminishing your self worth and address the issues underlying your lack of intimacy, inability to show up in all your radiance, or buried beliefs in scarcity.”
© Copyright 2014 ~Pat Liles All Rights Reserved
From the wonderful DIPALI DESAI from her Celestial Space Astrology:
“…the highly potent astrological aspect building is Mars ‘conjunct Pluto in Capricorn while making a ‘square’ to Uranus in Aries retrograde (building now until Nov. 13th or so). The potential is intense raw energy being channeled into practical avenues for long-term results.
“Yet, the rawness of this potent energy may be internal building frustration, limitation, and out of control experience. It is prompting an important ‘catharsis’ of some kind by symbolically pushing on every button that needs your attention. Perhaps it is around trust, control, surrender, being assertive, letting go, being realistic and grounded, patience and so forth. 
“Think of it as an important miniature timer being set off to expose hidden desires, motivations, fears and areas that require new wise action. Strong reactions, anger and seething emotions will indicate what and where you need to pay attention. This is the next step for growth and perseverance in the timing of things…”
© Copyright 2014 ~ Dipali Desai. All Rights Reserved
From astrologer JESSICA SHEPHERD from Mooncircles.com:
“When I’m experiencing mental anguish, when frustration and anger threaten to send the rest of my life spiraling, I slow down. I get still. I listen to the gentle tumble of the clothes in the dryer, the soft breath of my sleeping puppy laying next to me….or I take a walk. From the trees turning colors outside my window to the stillness of silence surrounding, I ground myself in the gentle steadiness and comforts of this Earthly life. These are the things that transport me from ground zero back to solid ground.
Scorpio season churns our emotions with our truths, our bottom lines, and the intensity of our own emotional experience can overwhelm our body senses…In periods of emotional intensity, irritation -and confrontation- it’s easy to lose connection with our basic sanity….”
“Taurus Full Moon invites us to sit in a forest, by a stream, next to a tree or on a cushion and discover our solid ground again. What do we stand on? What do we stand for? Can we allow our true values to support us when the wind, and our hot emotions, blows?
“It’s a time of year for honesty about this, because, let’s face it, our truthfulness sometimes conceals deeper, hidden motivations; our actions and words do not always reflect humane values of kindness, tolerance, forgiveness, compassion. When our emotions churn, can we be as unshakable in the firm, kind confidence of our truth as a Great Oak?
“In keeping with the spirit of Taurus, we don’t have to do much. We can be lazy about it. Simply noticing the pleasures of this Earth and this body allow us to feel supported.”
© Copyright 2014 ~Jessica Shepherd All Rights Reserved
FULL MOON Blessings to all!
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