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FULL MOON in LEO is here! Feeling the powerful shift of energies, the openings and emotions rising to the top. Here is the MYSTICMAMMA round-up from the best readers of the stars…
First from the insightful Dipali Desai and her Celestial Space Astrology:
“The Full Moon in Leo occurs at 7 degrees on January 26th/27th, 2013. With the Sun in detached mind-oriented Aquarius while the Moon in dramatic heart-centered Leo, it is possible to initially experience a clashing of emotions under these specific astrological aspects that are a part of this Full Moon phase.”
“Emotions are bubbling high and low under this phase, yet precious illuminated insights will reveal themselves through all of the conflict, clashes and perhaps overly dramatic interactions. Ultimately, the mind and heart is seeking union with each other during the Full Moon in Leo instead of remaining at odds.”
“Leo is a fixed mode of energy and a fire sign. This suggests self-expression and demonstrating how you feel is a natural part of this astrological sign. The sign of Leo also reminds each to embody love, have dignity and also have pride in what you express. That is, shine your best and authentic Self.”
“Life will not feel dull leading up to the Full Moon in Leo. Talk about it, feel it, and then finally make solid progress to grow from wherever you have limited yourself out of lack of self-love. It is very likely that with the Full Moon in Leo, individuals, the Inner Child Archetype or children may have strange or bizarre outbursts especially in a public setting. People may opt to do some pretty outlandish things when it comes to love and romance or declaring their feelings now. If you have been controlling your emotions or stuffing them down, they may come up and out through pressure or tension.”
“It’s as if you are battling an ancient pattern within yourself that you know you have wrestled with before many times over, or many lifetimes over. Isn’t it time to courageously face it? Trust yourself to do what is healthy and loving. There may be a lot of deep feelings running underneath that must be acknowledged. Drama verges on melodrama with the building up of emotions under the Full Moon in Leo. “
“One may want to ponder and address where the lack, limitation and restraint out of fear is showing up when it comes to love or expressing yourself authentically.”
“There is a sparkly potential to this Full Moon in Leo, that is one you find the extreme stuck spot or a few when it comes to love, emotions or self-expression, there is potential for an unexpected twist to unleash creative energy to freely flow. You have to be a bit innovative and creative rather than fixating on the old way for the unleashing of the energy and joy to happen.”
“The astrological sign of Leo also brings the message of listening to the joy and wisdom within the heart. This is Soul speaking through your deepest most genuine feelings. Similar to how little babies and children simply know to express  joy without reservations…”
“If you have felt like your love life has been lacking or withering away, this could be a time where you pay attention to yourself, relationship and marriage to add a bit of magic and love back into the mix. If you are single, do not fret, add the same love and romance towards yourself to become evermore increasingly magnetic for the special someone to find you.”
© Copyright 2013  Dipali Desai. All Rights Reserved
From Molly Hall from
With so much pulling each of us out of ourselves and our own story, this calls us back to the heart of who we are. That makes it a fruitful (Leo shines at the peak of the summer) time to act or realize what inspires your emerging, evolving self.”
“It’s a riddle of a chart with both Saturnian and Uranian energies in abundance. What I’m intuiting further, is that the real treasure is found in the individual journey. And that by following the signs and synchronicities of that calling (Leo), we make a priceless contribution to the whole (Aquarius).”
“A big theme I see here, is guarding the psyche/soul (are these the same thing?) against what derails, ties up energy, distracts, mesmerizes. This is where the discipline of Saturn comes in — to redraw boundaries and claim a sacred, inspired inner atmosphere. Like sage-ing yourself, and learning tools of psychic protection from what’s toxic in the environment.”
“The Leo Full Moon then can be a time to commit to being self-centered, in a healthy way. To meet the demand of Saturn to do the healing necessary to move out of drama and trauma, and into the creative life of your dreams. The conflicted energies may make it wise to wait to act, as energies shift and do their thing. Jupiter goes direct on the 30th, and at this time, it can feel that much falls into place.”
© Copyright 2013  Molly Hall All Rights Reserved 
From Cathy Pagano and her Wisdom of Astrology:
“The Leo/Aquarius Full Moon makes us aware of the archetypal truths of Leo and Aquarius—that each of us has a unique destiny, a role to play in the drama of life (Leo) and when we unite our talents and vision (Aquarius) we will be more powerful than if we go it alone.  The lie of patriarchy is that we’re in it for ourselves, that we have to use our talents for our own prosperity and power, rather than sharing them with the group.”
“This Leo Full Moon can guide us to new Aquarian ideals of equality, purpose and collaboration.  President Obama touched on these ideals in his inaugural address on Monday.  Interesting that he’s a Leo with an Aquarius ascendant!”
“…This full Moon makes a positive connection with Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Gemini, offering us the opportunity to let go of old beliefs that no longer serve life and finding new expressions of the natural laws of life; such as, in times of chaos and change, it is always wise to connect with like-minded individuals who share your vision. “
” The full Moon also makes a challenging square to Saturn in Scorpio, bringing into play old emotional wounds which can knock us off-center.  The best way to use the energy of this square is to acknowledge the wounds and release them, retaining the lessons you’ve learned from them.   If we transform emotional trauma into emotional awareness, we can better deal with learning to work as a group while standing in our own personal power.”
“ Both Jupiter and the asteroid Vesta turn direct in the next week.  Jupiter symbolizes expansion, curiosity and faith.  Vesta, the goddess of the hearth-fires, symbolizes our inner truth, as well as focus and commitment to that truth.  When planets turn direct, their energies go out into the world with renewed purpose.  Jupiter direct urges us to think and act with confidence, moving our goals forward now.  Vesta will give us the focus and commitment to make it happen.”
© Copyright 2013  Cathy Pagano All Rights Reserved
From the wonderful astrologer Kelly Rosano:
“Leo is the cosmic child of the zodiac. Leo rules the heart. Leo is the heart of the child. Our inner child is our soul. We are to merge with our Soul-Self to Ascend. Leo reminds us that we are unique. We are here to play our part in the circle of life.  A role only you can play. This is because you carry a unique heart flame. There is no one else who can replace you. This makes you invaluable to the greater whole. You are a creator. You came to create the New Earth. In Leo, we create from our heart and soul…”
“Aquarius reminds us that we are part of the group.  We are part of the community. We are part of each other. All Are One. Separation is the illusion. Connection is the truth. We are to celebrate our unique individuality (Leo) together (Aquarius).  Aquarius encourages us to value our differences. We allow and encourage each other’s uniqueness. Our strength is in our unity. We can do far more together that we can separately. United we stand.”
“Each one of us makes a difference, and as we join forces, we constellate a synergistic whole far greater than the sum of its parts.”  ~ Stephanie Austin, Mountain Astrologer
“Jupiter is uplifting and inspiring both the Sun (soul) and the Moon (emotions). This enthusiasm and buoyancy can empower us to project positive energies into our environment.  The Law of Attraction is always matching. What we are expressing. This will help our affairs work out the way we want. We are seeing the vision of our hopes, wishes and desires.  We can have breakthroughs. Rise above the challenges and problems and see your life as a whole. Set your intentions. Hold the vision of what you want to create and manifest.”
“Uranus is the awakener. Uranus is in harmony with the Leo Full Moon.  Uranus is in supportive connection with Jupiter. These are some of the best aspects that we can feel. Uranus in positive aspect to both lights creates pleasant surprises. Uranus wants us to make our lives fresh and lively.  This is an excellent time for new activities. We are making discoveries about Self and the world. Your life may have an exciting quality that is not always present.  We will find the freedom to reinvent ourselves and tap into new currents of creativity. You will be successful in every way you reach out to encounter new experience…”
“There is one caution. Serious Saturn challenges the Leo Full Moon. Saturn wants us to slow down. We are to take our time in decision making. Uranus/Jupiter is like rocket fuel. We can orbit the planet with our big dreams and schemes. Yet, before we take flight, we must sure up our personal foundation. The stronger we are in mind, body, heart, and soul.  The more we can accomplish in the weeks and months ahead.  Saturn encourages us to look before we leap. Make sure this is what you truly want and need.”
“We end the month of January on an extremely high note. Jupiter is direct on January 30! Yeah! It is time for Jupiter dancing. Jupiter rules prosperity, personal and business expansion. It is challenging to expand our finances and business when Jupiter is retrograde (asleep). Jupiter has been retrograde since October 5, 2012.  Jupiter direct bodes well for our year ahead.”
“What’s more, Jupiter direct January 30. We have all the planets direct until February 18!  This is our green light from the universe.  We can ride this creative wave to our new sparkling shores.  What you have been working on, dreaming and developing.  It is time to implement your plans for 2013.  Go for your dreams. Go for your wishes and heart’s desires. Saturn will help us make it real and lasting.”
“Is it possible to be the visionary and the actionary of your own life? Not only possible, it’s the way most of you intended it to be. It’s the best of all worlds. What can be more exhilarating than to find a dream from the contrast, to fixate on the dream and let it give you pleasure as it grows, and then to watch Law of Attraction bring it into manifestation while you help with your action. Does it get any better than that? You didn’t think so as you made the decision to come forth into these physical bodies. You said, “This is the best time in all eternity for a Creator to Create.” ~ Abraham
© Copyright 2013  Kelly Rosano All Rights Reserved 
Lastly from the insightful  Elaine Kalantarian and her Blue Moon Astrology: 
“There’s more, however, for the Full Moon is also part of this t-square in fixed signs with Saturn in Scorpio. Sun/Saturn and Moon/Saturn times are ideally for banishing self-delusions and maturing beyond the limitations of fear, pride, and other ego-traps and learn to accept who you are and love that, warts and all as they say.”
“This is where Saturn operates in such an ironic, helpful manner, for isn’t it true that if we address our limitations and imperfections in a healthy, mature and honest way, we GAIN freedom?”
“This irony of gaining freedom by embracing our imperfect human nature is reinforced by expansive Jupiter forming lovely aspects to both the Sun and Moon, as well as “think-outside-the-box” Uranus, modern ruler of the collectively-oriented Aquarius Sun. Aquarius is associated with the surrendering of the personal ego for the good of the many, Leo’s zodiac complement. These flowing aspects support positive and unusual approaches to the challenges inherent in the t-square and the yod.”
“So what is the overall meaning to this swirling, mixed bag of cosmic influence? Well the central message, as it strikes me, lies in the difference between the trappings of the ego vs true self esteem, and the resolve to deal honestly what what is really going on in the emotional realm. What pain, fear, or wounding experience are you carrying? What do you hold in your heart that needs healing and release? How is the past keeping you from fully participating in life (Aquarius), and expressing who you really are in your heart of hearts (Leo)? Differentiating between ego and true self esteem is something we don’t always do very well, yet it is an important distinction!”
“At every Full Moon, Luna’s silver light illuminates what is normally hidden from view. The shadows recede and the world becomes an oracle, a time of revelation with insights reflected through the unique archetypal lens of the sign in which Luna falls...”
© 2013 Elaine Kalantarian All Rights Reserved
FULL MOON Blessings! May we all have the courage and gentleness of heart to face the revelations that this FULL Moon brings and embrace our selves in all our imperfections so deeply that we may extend that same tolerance, acceptance and love to all our brothers and sisters~