Here is a breakdown on the energy flowing in on the FULL MOON~
quoted from the insightful  astrologer Dipali Desai.
“The Full Moon in Leo happens at 29 degrees on February 18th, 2011. It reminds me of Hot Air Balloons; fire and air either it’s a fun time or the balloon will burst and fall to the ground. This may be a good metaphor for the emotions flowing out at this time and since the Full Moon is and Jupiter are in fire signs and quite a few planets in air signs now.
Full Moon phase of the lunar cycle, brings attention to areas, tendencies and habits that have been previously kept in the dark. As frightened as you are of what will be revealed, have faith in yourself to overcome emotional fences so that greater emotional awareness happens. The emotional or psychological issues that are most in need will be evident leading up to the Full Moon. Say what you need to say, and speak your truth with compassion. We can consciously feel, heal and mature instead of becoming enmeshed in old painful issues or immature reactions. We can work along side of the energy of the Full Moon (or lunar phase energetically) to help wash away painful scars or residue on an emotional level. It’s not worth holding onto toxic stuff. It is beneficial to forgive and heal in order to move forward freely.
The Full Moon in Leo symbolism brings up themes around staying true to our heart’s wisdom and authentic Self/ Soul. When we put on a fancy mask to hide things, it is temporary and only uses up precious energy we may need for something else.
Hot Air Balloons need a certain amount of air and fire, gone too far and kaboom! Watch for swinging emotions or melodrama to possibly erupt. Be sure to check facts before going overboard in accusations or arguments.
Mars and Neptune in Aquarius (Neptune, preparing to leave this sign shortly) are conjunct the Sun in Aquarius during the Full Moon. We must take action on our inspired ideas to make them into a reality. We must be compassionate and use keen observation along the way. Mercury in Aquarius also adds the importance of communicating ideas and information which will unify the collective and help to recognize the inter-connectedness that underlies the differences. Mercury/Mars in Aquarius can help to energize thoughts and communication or keep you stuck in debates of the intellect – which may lead to nowhere fast during a Full Moon in Leo. Watch for tendency to be dominating, over-inflated ego, aloofness and arrogance of knowing it all. Step back from an overly emotional situation and view with objectivity what needs to change, then – do it.
It is wise to go inside and heal any scars around perceptions or ways of thinking as well as heart-centered issues. When the mind is closed, the heart is closed off as well. It is suggested to be conscious and bring the mind and heart into harmony. Jupiter in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn, symbolizing inner tension or pressure to make realistic changes and honestly letting go. Empower yourself now. Just give in. Surrender to the Divine and ask to be guided. What do you have to lose, you have everything to gain. Take this next step to trust the process even if you can’t see the defined outcome – your Soul is guiding you if you get of your own way.”
© Copyright 2001 – 2010 – Dipali Desai and