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Dearest friend of my heart~
This powerful FULL MOON in Capricorn is reflecting the cumulative journey we have taken to get here, while the surrounding Cancerian waters are ushering in deep swells to wash away and release what is no longer ours to carry.
Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, Father Time, who often teaches us through restrictions and limitations. But the underlying gift this master teacher is bringing us, is to learn to find a way to LIVE amidst the restrictions, and to do the things that will support us in being able to LIVE within the structures of the material world.
Capricorn’s symbolism is that of half goat, half fish, which enables movement between EARTH and WATER. 
This speaks of our ability to flow between the worlds, and the symbiotic link in accessing the watery realms of our creativity, in order to be able nourish and sustain our Earth walk.
These teachings feel specially apt and potent right now for me and I’m sure for many of us. With effort and dedication, self-nourishment, and the holding of the vision that can lift us higher, we can find a way to LIVE within these times of upheaval and change.
The Capricorn/Cancer Axis is the embodiment of the Father/Mother archetypes, and  our Patriarchal/Matriarchal lineages. 
Pluto, who is a big player in this lunation, and rules the ancient depths, is currently shoring up shadowed imbalances front and forth. 
Capricorn has always symbolized ancient ruler-ship, structure and order, and the archetype of the Father. But perhaps somewhere along the way there was a disconnect with its very foundation, its watery feminine nature that is an integral part of who they/we are. 
We could say that symbolically this disconnect has rippled into underlying power-over dynamics and imbalances that have re-patterned and repeated themselves throughout generations. 
Perhaps then the re-connection, the symbiotic working together, the honoring of each innate primal power and magic, is what will restore the balance.
Therefore at this time, collectively, and personally for each of us, it is of utmost importance that we put forth effort to restore the balance of the masculine and feminine energies that live within us and make up the whole of who we are.
As Capricorn also symbolizes maturity, this is a call to rise into our Eldership, and to step into our innate power that can never be taken away.
We are being encouraged to release, to let go of all of the trespasses of the past and see them as experiences that have fortified us into who we are today. 
So that we may lighten the load for the new journey ahead, and so that we may co-create our new Reality in a more balanced way. 
May we keep our hearts open, our visions high and our hands ready to work together and be moved by the great unifying current of love.
With all my heART and in camaraderie~