Here is it! the download for the energies coming up with this special FULL MOON on August 1st, 2012.
First from the always insightful Dipali Desai and her Celestial Space Astrology:
“This first full moon in August 2012 is unique due to the fact that two full moons take place within the month. Usually within a calendar month there is one full moon. Make the time to bath under the soft glow of the moon’s light this month, as that can feel rejuvenating and cleansing to the entire body.”
“The Full Moon in Aquarius brings us in touch with friendship, fellowship, associations and group Consciousness. We can create the space to celebrate the kindred spirits all around us including in Nature.”
“It serves us well to be in fellowship with those of similar vision or ideals. To have a network of people who have similar views on the world and about life supports us in feeling we are all connected than being aloof and lonely in the world. Take time to appreciate the companions in your life…”
“There is pertinent information that requires our attention… On an emotional level, it may feel easier to live in the future than feel what is happening right here and now.”
“One way to work with the potential would be, finding emotional fulfillment in the present moment while remaining open to future possibilities. Feeling peaceful with what is in front of you, than stuck in the future. It is likely that we will have to make a few adjustments and tweak the energy to be more fluid than fixated with a past concept or image.”
“Finally, we can take deep breaths and feel the relief after the intensity of the recent T-Square between Mars/Uranus/Pluto. That aspect is now shifted and now the vibe of tranquility coursing through life. When you have let certain past issues go, freedom is felt and experienced in a tangible way.”
“Jupiter in Aquarius makes a harmonious aspect to the Full Moon in Aquarius. This represents an ‘expansion of freedom to feel and grow.’ We could simply feel good with this nice boost of optimism that is added to the mix.”
“One way to use the potential is the possibility of doing a ‘laughing meditation.’  Laughter helps to break up tension and also assists us to not sit in the pain longer than necessary. With great objectivity, we can understand the past issue(s) and the inner workings and realize there was meaning and purpose to it.”
“There may an increase in activities and juggling things in daily life,  as Jupiter’s symbolism suggests expansion. With Mercury still in retrograde phase, old topic and issues may resurface for us to see where we become divided between the mind and the heart.”
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 From Cathy Lynn Pagano and her Wisdom of Astrology:
“The Aquarius/Leo Full Moon makes us aware of how much love and inner security we feel so we can create.   Leo’s gifts are an innate sense of Self/authenticity, a generous heart and an ability to lead.”
 “Aquarius asks us to consider the community, generate new ideas and allow everyone their freedom.   What a mix!   How generous can you be with allowing someone else the freedom of their beliefs?   How can you be a leader in your community?   What new paradigms does the Self (your authentic spiritual Being) open up for you and others?   There is such a possibility for creativity during this Full Moon!”
“…The Moon there will open us to new ideas for our collective future that will nurture all of us. With the Sun channeling the Fire trine opposite the Moon channeling the Air trine,  this full Moon can be a perfect time to give your ideas, your art and your passion a test-drive in the collective consciousness.  With the Internet’s ability to reach the whole world, who knows what like-minded group of people you’ll meet and share with.   Use your Leo’s natural generosity and openness to gather with like-minded people to share your creative vision.”
“The Sabian Symbol for the Sun at 11* Leo is: Children play on a swing hanging from the branches of a huge oak tree.   This image suggests that we have to “become children again’ —   (engage our imaginations) and hang and play, suspended on the great old traditions that have sustained us.   For example, if we look at our traditional ideals about the American Revolution, how can we play with our part in a continuing revolution of Freedom and evolution of Human Consciousness?”
“The Sabian Symbol for the Moon at 11* Aquarius is: During a silent hour, a man receives a new inspiration which may change his life.   When our ego-consciousness quiets down and we listen inside, we can receive life-changing messages….Sometimes these messages come to us in dreams and visions — so learn symbolic language to understand what messages are trying to come through.”

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 From Dikki Jo Mullen and her Sky Maiden Musings:
“This Aquarius Full Moon of 2012 is also especially magical and sacred this year because it coincides exactly with Lammas, one of the 8 high holidays in the ancient Celtic/Pagan calendar. The name derives from Loafmass suggesting bread and grains. Rewards for efforts made so far this year begin to bear fruit. Lammas marks the halfway point between the Summer Solstice and the Autumn Equinox… “ (in the northern hemisphere)
“What have you reaped? What is ready to enjoy and harvest in your own life? What are your goals for the season ahead?”

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Wonderful insight from astrologer Molly Hall:
“Strong Leo energies (Sun, Mercury Rx), make it a time for epiphanies about how to express your creative gifts, manifest what you want, or be a bigger light (presence) all around. This is the tingly knowing that life is a precious gift, and the world benefits when each of us shines…”
“In her book, 2012 and the Galactic Center, Dr. Christine Page…writes: ‘As we stand poised between the worlds, it is time to remember our eternal nature…. Each of us is unique; each carries a specific part of the jigsaw. It is time to put the final pieces into our own personal puzzle, and together we will travel through the wormhole into the heart of the Great Mother and beyond.'”
“However you make sense of this time, one thing is crystal clear to most, I’d say — we are in a time of urgent change, at times frightening, other times exhilarating. Here at this Full Moon, we have a chance to crack apart stifling mental boxes — and free our minds and hearts.”
“Aquarius is the waterbearer, who pours cosmic waters — higher frequencies — down into matter. The Full Moon gives us an instinct for how to translate these quickening currents into reality as we’re living it. This is the mission of Aquarius. The revival of the unique self (Leo) means we’re awake and energized, ready to integrate these fresh currents, and see where they take us.”

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Lastly from astrologer Kelly Rosano:
“The Aquarius Full Moon offers us new thoughts, leading to constructive contacts and new sources of income. This astrology expands our possibilities. We feel better. We feel more capable. We are ready to take on new projects…We are more open and willing to embrace new people, new ideas and new opportunities. Thus, we can magnetize new friends and lovers through our positivity–attraction in action…”
“We want to collaborate and co-create together—win/win relationships. Soul mates empower each other and challenge us in healthy ways. There is a mutually beneficial balance of giving and receiving in soul mate relationships…”
“Uranus is stimulating our intuition, optimism, generosity, and ingenuity. We can shift in a new direction given our new perspective. Additionally, the cosmic message is our Spiritual Guides are on standby awaiting our instructions. The call compels the answer. Ask for your guides to intercede in your life, challenges and situations. Heaven is awaiting your command!”
“Pay attention to life-changing messages and to the positive synchronicity these will confirm that we are on the right track.”

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*FULL MOON* Blessings to us all~~~~