Sometimes the hardest passages we have to go through in our lives are the ones that break our hearts open to Life…
“In the shadow of the deepest pain I’ve ever know, lies more love than I ever knew possible”
~Libby June Weintraub from She Was Born: words on Loss and Liberation
There are certain experiences that we can’t even imagine, that are so heartbreaking to live through, we keep quiet about them. But the reality is that grief touches all of us, it is a cord that links us in our humanity and it is important to give voice to our grief because that is how we heal.
My beautiful friend Libby June Weintraub has written a tremendously moving book, She Was Born: words on Loss and Liberation, about the devastating experience of having a stillbirth, honoring the complex journey of healing and the passage of moving though all the stages of grief into life after. The raw honesty and beauty of her words, combined with her husband’s sharing of his experience, leave a trail of love that is the core of what make us all human.
If you or anybody you know has had a stillbirth or experienced the devastating loss during pregnancy, I highly recommend this book of poems that give words and meaning to something that is hard to comprehend.
She Was Born: Words on Loss and Liberation extends a compassionate message of courage, hope, healing, and inspiration to all parents who have endured the painful loss of a pregnancy or child. Within its pages, readers will discover the emotional and spiritual odyssey of a mother and father navigating the path of recovery from the loss of their beloved baby.
This book shines a gentle but illuminating light on the strength that emerges when we bravely open up and express our grief. It is a collection of poetry and prose that takes readers deep into the heart and soul of the all-too-often silent and concealed realm of child loss. It stands as a moving tribute to the life, albeit short, of one couple’s daughter and the extraordinary transformation of healing that took place in her absence.