We can all feel the turning…
the changing of the seasons…
the passing of time…
Equinoxes and Solstices have long been my favorite *holy* days, particularly because they unite us as a planetary family. 
Whether we are in the Northern or Southern hems, we are reminded that we are a part of a larger web of relations, embedded within a vast animate universe that has a greater rhythm, harmony and flow.
Where I live in the Northern hemisphere, the colder winds are arriving, whispering to us to gather wood for our fires, and prepare for the end of year seasons ahead.
We are all in this cradle together, feeling gently swayed, hearing distant melancholy lullabies being carried by the winds.
Yes we’ve all been here before, but each new day feels different. And although we might be inhabiting familiar spaces and places, who we are from the inside and how we experience the world around has changed.
There is a blending of energies in the ethers.
We are attuning to each other, the world around us and to our futures. 
There is a sense of aliveness, and a vulnerability brought on by the facing of death, which is the gift of LIFE AFTER.
This is LIFE AFTER for many of us. Life after so much. 
We must keep tending to the spark of love within us, grateful for what each new day might bring, what Life will reveal to us, and the many more people and experiences we have yet to love.
As we cross this EQUINOX threshold we can release our prayers like leaves dancing in the wind, and surrender to the greater flow.
We can RETURN to the simple, nourishing our Souls with rest and simple pleasures. It’s a time to be gentle with ourselves and each other, allowing all our feelings to be acknowledged and released. 
Here’s to keeping our inner fires lit, and remembering that every healing experienced and every act of love, ripples in the FIELD, and is felt. It is never lost.
EQUINOX Blessings to us all~