The ◐ EQUINOX ◐  is the middle point when the Sun is at the zenith over the equator. This planetary equipoise is a threshold that calls us to pause and for a moment feel this embodied state of balance before moving into our dance of light and darkness again.
Symbolically we can reflect on the fact that both the light and the darkness are a continual part of our experience. And as much as we try to always find ourselves at this equipoise point, it is a natural part of life to dance within the spectrum.
Light and Dark, Life and Death, these are natural states in the continuum of all of Life. We cannot disconnect one from the other, and we can not deny that both are part of the whole of experience. We must see the beauty in both, the beauty in pain, the beauty in the struggle, the beauty in darkness of the night as well as the beauty in the light of day and the birth of the new emerging.
So whether we are in the Northern hemisphere transitioning into Fall or in the Southern hemisphere moving into Spring, let’s join together, as a planetary family with a deeper understanding and appreciation of this continual dance.
For it is in times like this that we can collectively expand our consciousness of our shared experience as Earthlings living on this planet.  Seems simple enough, but really how often do we truly inhabit this awareness? Our experience is so lateral and immediate, we rarely think of ourselves as a planet moving within a vast and mysterious universe. If we did, then we would feel more united, and we would have more reverence for our beautiful Earth~
As such this is a wonderful time to honor this transition point and the major changes many of us have been experiencing. Doing some kind of symbolic ritual can help greatly in releasing the past to make room for the future that is beckoning. We are moving into a new season, a new time, a new chapter and with the NEW MOON in LIBRA  following on its heels, the universe is certainly supporting us in this time of change!
For ideas on how to honor this special time through simple *RITUAL* or creative *CEREMONY* check out:
>>>Fall Autumnal & Spring Vernal – EQUINOX : Activating BALANCE 
May we embrace all the devastation and pain, as well as all the magic and the goodness that inherently exists. For as we know, it is through our opposite reflection that we learn, recognize and appreciate. Let us meet in the recognition that we are all of it, and may we move with grace into the new.
Equinox Blessings to all!