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Dear Soul family, sending each and every one of you comforting hugs of love on this turning of the wheel.
Yesterday I made offerings with my son and we seeded our prayers for all of us on the planet right now. ⠀⠀
As someone who feels everything so deeply I have been taking the time to inwardly adjust to all the emotions being stirred up in our collective field, while also tending to immediate needs of my two children.⠀⠀
As time cycles on and things continue to develop, we will mostly likely, all be having new feelings arise which can feel overwhelming. As you well know, our bodies heal best when we rest, and sleep can function as such a powerful reset for our emotional bodies as well. I have personally been allowing myself this deep nourishment.⠀
Nurturing, calming, grounding, restful energy is what we need to cultivate for ourselves first and foremost at this time. For the majority of us who are self quarantined in our homes, the challenge will be getting a hold of our thoughts. ⠀
I would encourage us to view our homes as our personal temples and sanctuaries for healing, as we think of this time as us being on a collective “healing retreat.”⠀
What that means, is for the time being suspending all the mental activity/monkey mind, letting go of the ties to our accustomed way of living, and dropping in to a slower more relaxed pace and space. It’s time to enter our sacred space together~⠀⠀
Right now we are riding a big wave. Like the symbol I mentioned in my last post from FULL MOON in Virgo, we are “leaving the past behind” and coming together “to cooperate in a new adventure in consciousness.”⠀
This group experience is going to bridge us into the new, but we each have to do our part. 
Most of us are not on the frontlines; but for all our brothers and sisters who are, I am sending and encouraging us to extend massive gratitude for their service for they are functioning as the “space holders” for us during this time.
In any healing retreat or vision quest, there are those that are the space holders, that hold the container and keep things going in for us to be able to take time away to heal and transform.
And in a very real way, those on the front lines are our space holders during this time.⠀
Each of us is being called to work together for the whole. We are here to sacrifice or “make sacred” for the good of the whole, all Aquarian ideals paving the ground for what’s to come.⠀
So let’s try our best to stay compassionate to everyone. Keeping a cool head and knowing this isn’t easy for most. Lay on the Mother Earth if you can, stay grounded and loving.⠀⠀
All my love