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Equinox is the point when the Sun crosses the equator and everywhere on Earth day and night are approximately of equal length.
Symbolically, it can be viewed as the point when day meets night, where opposites meet on equal ground, where we can integrate the duality within the oneness of existence.
The ancients, who knew themselves to be at one with the Earth, honored these planetary shifts as important reflections of life. As above so below, As within, so without.
This eternal medicine reminds us of the equanimity necessary to reconcile opposites. Sometimes in order to restore balance, we take must take an eagle-eye view to gain a broader perspective. For only within that lens of wholeness can we regain our footing and receive the instructions that will guide our actions into alignment with the good of all.
Just as the eagle flies between earth and sky, we must find that place of the in-between, the middle way where opposites can co-exist with their differences.
Boundaries appear and dissolve depending on our lens of perception. There is unity within diversity, grand design within multiplicity of form. This is the great paradox of life.
Equinox Blessings to you and all living things on our beautiful planet Earth!
May we remember and may our remembrance awaken within us a new way of living.


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