“You have countless sweet dreams. You want to transform them into reality. All your dreams want to enjoy the world. You want to offer your momentous might to the world at large; but you feel that if you embark on this inner life, you will be deprived of all these invaluable achievements. So now it is time for fear to make its appearance, and naturally you start shying away from the inner life. Fear starts torturing you. It tries to limit and bind you.
“Unfortunately your life yields to this deplorable mistake. But if once, only once, with the help of your all-energizing meditation, you could carry your long cherished fear into your inner world, you would see that fear loses its very existence there. In the twinkling of an eye, it becomes one with the dynamic strength of your inner life.”\
“If you want to truly posses the outer world, you have to posses the inner world first. Not the other way around.
“If you want to truly enjoy the outer world, you must enjoy the inner world first. Not vice versa. If your heart pines to serve humanity, you have to serve divinity first. Infallible is this truth.”
~Sri Chinmoy from Inner and Outer Peace