“The art of using one’s full potential is the same as the art of shooting an arrow straight ahead; one begins by pulling the arrow back on the bow. As the arrow is drawn back, it gains the maximum strength for going forward….the art of using one’s full potential demands bringing the mind back to the field of absolute Being before it is brought out to face the gross aspect of the relative fields of life…”
“Life in its relative stages is ever-changing. The ever-changing phases of life leave no stable status of life. Therefore, in order to be able to use one’s full potential, the first step will be to infuse stability into the ever-changing phases of relative life.”
“Stability belongs to the absolute status. Stability is attributed to that factor of life which never changes, and that which never changes is the truth of life, the ultimate reality, the eternal Being…”
“Life, then in its absolute state alone is stable. And when stability is gained by the mind, and retained through all the mind’s activity of experience and action, the whole field of activity is supplemented by the power of the never-changing absolute Being. This forms the basic platform for using one’s full potential; it reinforces and enriches the ever unstable phases of relative existence.”
~Maharishi Mahesh Yogi from Transcendental Meditation