Amazing. Brother Kaypacha once again elucidating the subtle and not so subtle energetic changes we are all swimming in. Great affirmation to feel our connectedness through the rhythms and tides! Like he reminds us, it’s time to paddle out now and ride the wave of love….
Here is his mantra for the week:
“Sometimes in life I just don’t know,
If I should stay or I should go,
For the fires of hope to burn bright inside me,
I must throw up my hands and allow Love to guide me.”
Also from Kaypacha:
“The advice is to trust yourself and act with and for Love. Let the rest go and watch the magic happen. It’s when you are stuck that you get pushed, so unstrick yourself, get going, and you will be less likely to be shocked, surprised, and kicked in the butt by someone or something else! Injoy!”