mystic mamma


Becoming a mother prompts a transformation so profound that it entails a shape shifting into a new state of being. The transmutation of self and the inherent alchemy that occurs during this passage is akin to a caterpillar dying to become a butterfly.  A radical change in the experience of life occurs and it is one that deserves to be talked about, embraced and celebrated.
 As we become mothers we become creatrices. The process of giving birth in itself opens us to become chalices for life to come through. Through this process we are transformed and reborn into a new state of being. Our inherent power becomes activated, as we are called to serve our children and our family.
As mothers we become the nurturers, the caretakers, and the ones that have the ability and responsibility to heal the past and create a new future for our children. Through our choices and our willingness to become more aware, we open to the possibility of healing and transmuting what has been with what can be.
Through the alchemizing passage of Motherhood, we give birth not only to our children, but also ourselves.  We are reborn into our fullness as we uncover the innate strength and power that comes with being a woman.
Becoming a Mother is a great honor, for it’s a stepping into an ancient archetypal force and journey of discovery that our mothers and grandmothers and all women in all time have journeyed on.
It is major, it’s powerful, it’s beautiful, it’s challenging, it’s empowering, it’s heart opening and it’s all encompassing. There is no doubt the experience defines us.
Through it we learn to dance the cosmic dance. Balance and flow become our guides as we learn the importance of also nurturing our selves, as we navigate all the different aspects and responsibilities of our lives.
We must embrace this dance with the great mystery of life as it calls us to become a vessel of her love.
The path may not be an easy one but it’s one that activates our abilities to be the centers points between earth and sky, to be the channels of the divine feminine and to awaken to our full potential as creatices.
Written by me, “MM” Mijanou Montealegre for  Sacred Pregnancy