Picture 7


“we are in the wake
of a great shifting
you better free your mind
before they illegalize thought
there’s a war going on
the first casualty was truth
and it’s inside you
the universe is counting on our belief
that faith is more powerful than fear
and in that the shifting moment
we’ll all remember why we’re here
in a world where you’re assassinated for having a dream
and the rich spend 9 billion a year to control our ideas
and visions are televised so things aren’t what they seem
we gotta believe
in a world where
there’s room enough for everyone
to breathe
cause reality is made up of
7 billion thoughts
who made up their minds
of what’s real and what’s not
so I stopped believing
in false idols of war
greed and hate
is not worth my faith
my mind’s dedicated
to justice
my soul is devoted
to love
and love is God
and God is truth
and truth is you
and you are me
and I am everything
and everything is nothing
and nothing is the birthplace of creation
and transformation is possible
and you are proof
we were born right now
for a reason
we can be whatever
we give ourselves the power to be
and right now we need
day dreamers
gate keepers
bridge builders
soul speakers
web weavers
light bearers
food growers
wound healers
trail blazers
truth sayers
life lovers
peace makers
give what you most deeply desire
to give
every moment you are choosing to live
or you are waiting
why would a flower hesitate to open?
now is the only moment
rain drop let go
become the ocean
possibility is as wide
as the space
we create
to hold it
~Alixa and Naima from ClimbingPoetree